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The Dawn of War II: Retribution Out of the Closet Contest!

*Note the contest has ended as of Sunday March 6.

Hey No High Scores readers! I have a little surprise for you this fine Thursday afternoon.

THQ sent me some extra copies of the new Dawn of War II expansion, Retribution. Instead of letting them rot in shrinkwrap I thought I’d give one away to a lucky NHS reader for our very first contest just to show you guys how much we all appreciate you coming here every day to read our collective blathering. They sent me a regular cased version and the super cool looking Collector’s Edition!

More details after the jump!

I am, without any guilt whatsoever, keeping the Collector’s Edition. I like you guys, but there’s a line, you know?

This is an Out of the Closet contest because in order to qualify to win this thing you need to register for the site and post a comment in this here story thread saying something like “I really want to win this contest and you guys are totally awesome!”

We can see who is online and we have a lot of ‘Anonymous’ lurkers here, which is to be expected, but it’s high time you all joined in the discussion. So sign up today and I will announce the winner (who will be determined randomly by Brandon) during this Sunday’s ‘Sunday Time Waster’. Until then we’re keeping this pinned to the top of the blog.

More info on Retribution can be found at the game’s webpage:

Note: This is an M rated game so we’re going to use the “You really should be at least 17 year old” honor system here.

112 thoughts on “The Dawn of War II: Retribution Out of the Closet Contest!

  1. <_delurk_>

    So the boys at penny arcade referenced you fellows when they spoke their peace on the debacle of a design a certain satchel of small-takus started using.

    Since then I check you lot with the morning comic updates and other such important habits.

    It’s refreshing to be able to read about both video games and analogue games on a single site.
    <_ /delurk_>

  2. I really want to win this contest and you guys are totally awesome!

    On the other hand, I already have the game, so you might want to give it to someone else. But you’re still awesome!

  3. I do like what I’ve been reading here thus far. Relic & PC gaming are cornerstones of any successful entrepreneurial venture.

  4. I like games and I like your writing and I like winning things so you should totally randomly pick me to win and read and play this game.

  5. Hmm…I really want this game. My roommate got the collector’s Edtion and I have yet to buy it (lack of gaming funds at the moment).
    I also really love the lore and setting of Warhammer 40K, I also really enjoyed DoWII and Chaos Rising.
    So please let me save a couple of bucks!

    Oh and you are all awesome…expect for Brandon as he is special kind of awesome.

  6. This may sound strange, but feel free to pass on me. I like Warhammer stuff and this game is probably amazing, but I don’t have the time. I hope who ever does get the free copy will be someone who is incredibly excited for it and is willing to do a User Review for us all. Which leads me to my next point…

    Any chance of maybe allowing Users to post their thoughts of games they play (Not just in the comments section) I know Bill and the rest of the NoHS crew can’t cover everything. but I’m always interested to know what my peers think about game X or Y. Really helps me decide on what games to buy and what to check out next.

  7. Man, I’m a sucker for free things and space elves, boy would this game be fun to win!

    Also, I like your writings!

  8. and you guys are totally awesome!

    I was a fan of the original Dawn of War game and Dawn of War 2 initially disappointed me. However, the Chaos expansion really sold me on the revised franchise. See, I was a Necromunda fan originally. The rp element with tactical combat appealed to me. Just cut out the boss battles and I’d be fine.

  9. as you have obviously guessed. I checked this place out via the penny arcade link a little while back and have enjoyed the ‘we don’t take ourselves too seriously’ approach. Please keep it up!

  10. French guy here, totally addicted to the JTS podcast, not understanding half of it but improving, and always one to two weeks behind, but addicted nonetheless :] I don’t believe you’d be ready to send anything overseas, so I just want to say that was a pretty good opportunity to register to your great blog! Keep up the good job!

  11. “I really want to win this contest and you guys are totally awesome!”

    Thanks 😉

  12. I registered to this site after being directed through Penny-Arcade and have since read every article!

    you guys are great, and i will not be upset even if i don’t win this!

    i won’t hold my breath till i pass out, or swallow a bunch of nyquil or anything!

  13. Okay, I comment primarily as a way to kill time during the empty hours of my day, but if a free game can be had from such an activity, then I’m in it for that too.

  14. Thought I’d comment to say that this is honestly very nice of you guys, considering you could have sold them to pay for server fees.

    As for this site, I honestly like the fact that you talk about other thin gs than just ye olde computer games, and I also like the fact that the staff aren’t afraid to say “I don’t like game X because of…..”. Seen way to many sites who just fawn over games for fear of the userbase haveing a fit

    Also, seems to be WAY less “garbage” posts on here.

    Keep up the good work. I’ve stoped going to most of the other blogs.

  15. I love this blog, found it a week or two ago and I’ve added it to my daily rotation of procrastination. It’d be awesome if I could win this!

  16. This is one of three bookmarks I have on my iPhone that i’ve had for two years. :) And I’d love to win the contest!

  17. Like so many others, I come on board a couple weeks ago and NHS has immediately become one of my favorite feeds. Would love a copy of DaW II: Retribution, but regardless, great work here all.

  18. I’d like to win this contest!

    I stopped visiting all gawker sites shortly after they got all hacked up and then found No High Scores when the Penny Arcade guys mentioned it. I have been coming almost daily since then. I really enjoy the writing and content at the site so I will keep coming back until that changes. Thanks.

  19. I haven’t played WH40k in years (since 2nd edition), but keep my minis nearby to remember the days (before marriage and parenting) when I had time for such pursuits. Enjoyed the first DoW, but haven’t tried the second one – this would be a great time to do so!

    Came here because a few years back Penny Arcade linked to Dubious Quality who later linked to Nut & Feisty Weasel… Liking the site, and impressed that you’ve got the ability to create worthwhile content for what is basically a part time pursuit…

    PS – I really want to win this contest and you guys are totally awesome!

  20. Well, I’d already registered before hand, so I might as well come out of the woodwork to add my name into the hat. Love the podcast, and figured this site would be just as good. So far I’m not disappointed.

  21. Hey!

    been following you guys since week 2, or week 1, can’t remember, but your reviews are always spot on and entertaining, so much that I’ve forgot that site that starts with a K!

    I’ve been playing DoW games since forever, own all of them and now only retribution stands in my way to complete my collection, but I’ve decided to wait until it’s cheap on steam… but you know what? Free is better than cheap!!!

  22. “I really want to win this contest and you guys are totally awesome!”

    That being said…

    I’m probably the oldest person registered on this site(anyone else born while Eisenhower was president and the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn?) I remember watching the 1969 World Series, the 1972 Canada-Soviet series and the 1970 Superbowl. I think age ought to count for something. Since, statistically speaking, I’m much closer to shuffling off this mortal coil than anyone else here, I think I’m entitled to a little something to ease my declining years.

    I also have a complete set of OPC hockey cards from 1970-71 season that I might be prepared to part with if the price was right…

  23. I’ll put in a word for you with Bill, Gary, but that will probably do more harm than good. (Great to “see” you over here, btw!)

  24. No High Scores has supplanted Destructoid as my gaming-news blog of choice. It’s nice to have Bill and the gang from Gameshark bringing their more erudite style of coverage to a format where I get more coverage and updates. Keep up the good work, fellas.

    And send me a copy of Retribution. :)

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