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IOS Street Fighter IV for a buck, 100% of Proceeds to Earthquake Relief

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Pictured is a horrible scene from the Sendai Airport. I felt it was more appropriate given the situation than a screenshot of Street Fighter IV for IOS, which is now on sale for one dollar. Capcom is donating 100% of the proceeds from this sale to the relief effort, and I think that’s pretty awesome. These folks need our help, and if you’ve ever considered downloading this great App, now is the time to do it. I bought it a couple of months back on a five dollar sale or else I’d be waiting for it to trickle down to my aging 3G right now. Link up right here to the App Storeto do something good for our Japanese friends and get a great game. They’re doing this through March 22, so you’ve got some time to save your pennies.

5 thoughts on “IOS Street Fighter IV for a buck, 100% of Proceeds to Earthquake Relief

  1. I was _really_ surprised at how good it is. Obviously, it’s not the full SSFIV experience and it’s probably still pretty short of the upcoming 3DS edition, but you get plenty of the core fighters (and Deejay) and although the controls are simplified, they’re effective and the game totally works as a casual, on the go thing. It actually has some of the better virtual D-Pad work I’ve seen.

    And it runs really well on my 3G, so if you have an older phone, don’t be scared.

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