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Want Website Hits? Just Say Dragon Age 2 *Updated*

First off I have always wanted to use that image and this seemed to fit.

Has this game caused firestorms left and right or what? People like Todd complaining about how it destroyed his childhood, SecuROM claims, DLC shenanigans and now this.

Over at Bluesnews there’s a blurb about how an employee at BioWare wrote a 10/10 user review for DA2 on Metacritic and failed to tell people that, well, he’s an employee at BioWare.

Doesn’t he know that’s not proper use of Metacritic? That’s just common sense, right?

The funny thing? Look at the user score now for this game. Holy cow that’s a lot of angry RPG-folk.

Update: EA has responded by telling Kotaku: “Of course the people who make the game vote for their own game. That’s how it works in the Oscars, that’s how it works in the Grammy’s and why I’m betting that Barack Obama voted for himself in the last election.”

Ok who wants to be first to poke holes into that one?

28 thoughts on “Want Website Hits? Just Say Dragon Age 2 *Updated*

  1. It all just proves Dragon Age’s status as a real RPG – now it has a proper edition war, just like D&D. Eventually the most vocal combatants will band together to hate Dragon Age 3.

  2. I understand that NHS is a new site, and that i may not have a huge variety of stories to report on yet, but at this stage, i can pretty much guess before opening the site its goign to run with a DA2 story. Its as if it has nothing else to report on, or care about. Its actually beginning to grate.

    I book marked this site on the recommendation from PA, but really, its beginning to carry a very snide and sour tone.

    As for DA2, i’m 23 hours into it on the PC. Nerd rage aside, its virtually identical to DA:O. Anyone that just assumes they can Mass Effect it, and wade in with hack and slash is wrong. You can complete ME 2 with all squad mates down, in fact on insanity, its basically a tactic, but in DA2, if your squad is down, you’re toast.

    This game is getting more sh*t than it deserves, mostly driven by a small community of people that for some reason, feel slighted that once again they didnt get a return to the mythical BG2.

    Is it any wonder that RPG fans get such a crappy sterotype?

  3. You just sound like you cannot stand to see criticism for something you like. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow.
    DA2 is a big release and it will naturally get a lot of coverage. Some writers on this site feel disappointed and have the right to be so. It’s not like they aren’t supporting their opinion with arguments and I don’t think their arguments are illegitimate either, are they?
    Based on my anectodal evidence, your point about people feeling “slighted that once again they didnt get a return to the mythical BG2” is also not quite true. The forum I frequent is just as divided, but the divide does not run along the old-PC-guard/console-kids divide as you might think. There is some harsh, but well grounded, criticism of the story, the production value, gameplay aspects etc. Others, simply enjoy the game. And that’s all fine.

  4. I think that is extremely unfair.

    DA2 is a huge release, so having a story posted about it even on a daily basis is hardly overkill. It’s not like these stories aren’t being reported elsewhere. Also, if you look at the comments people seem to love talking about it because every DA2 post gets 20+ comments. I am no webmaster but that seems like playing to your audience, no?

    Third, I came here from PA as well and haven’t looked back as I find the writring here funny, smart, relevant, and the coverage widespread enough for what I’m looking for. I would guess that 5% of the posts on NHS are DA2 related. If that.

  5. anomagnus, I do get what you’re saying.

    That said, KyleS is correct in saying that the people do seem to love the DA2 stories. When I posted the headliner for this story I meant every word. The DA2 stories are like traffic magnets, wnd while that’s not the entire goal here I do think posting stories that I think people will be interested in is part of what we’re doing here and a story such as this I think is very much worth reporting on — and yes I still think it was dumb as dirt to do what that guy did, DA2 or not. I’d report that story if this were Bulletstorm, Shogun or Wii Fit.

    As for the game getting more crap than it deserves, I honestly have no clue if that’s true or not as I haven’t had time to play it, but this story had nothing at all to do with the game itself. It could be aces as far as I know. Although I would guess Todd would disagree with you (especially about it being identical to DA:O on the PC) and Barnes would agree because he thinks Todd’s stupid.

    But reporting this particular story I think is both topical and interesting enough to post.

    And the Facepalm picture is just funny.

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