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And the winner is… The BAFTA Game Awards

Unlike in the US, where the only videogame award ceremonies are ridiculous (Spike’s VGA’s) or not televised (the Game Developers Choice Awards), the Brits actually have a respectable, relatively well-publicized event to honor the best the industry has to offer.

The categories are a little weird – there’s an award for best “gameplay” for example, and things are generally separated by genre, which is a smart, if occasionally pretty bizarre way to go about things, but hey, they did a good job.

I can’t say I disagree with much of anything on here: my personal favorite from 2010, Mass Effect 2, won the highest honor, and the flawed-but-revolutionary Heavy Rain won for “Best Story” and “Technical Innovation”.

Here’s the whole list, from Gamasutra:

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
Gaelec Simard – Ubisoft

Artistic Achievement
God of War III
Stig Asmussen, Ken Feldman, Cecil Kim – SCE Santa Monica Studio

Best Game
Mass Effect 2
Development Team – Electronic Arts/BioWare

Kinect Sports
Development Team – Microsoft Games Studios/Rare

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Koichi Hayashida, Yoshiaki Koizumi, Takashi Tezuka – Nintendo/Nintendo

Cut the Rope
Efim Voinov, Semyon Voinov – Chillingo/Zeptolab

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Development Team – Electronic Arts/Criterion Games

Original Music
Heavy Rain
Normand Corbeil – Sony, Quantic Dream & XDev Studio Europe

Social Network Game
My Empire
Development Team – Playfish/Playfish

F1 2010
Development Team – Codemasters/Codemasters Birmingham

Heavy Rain
David Cage, Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Scott Johnson – Sony, Quantic Dream & XDev Studio Europe

Civilization V
Jon Shafer, Dorian Newcomb, Brian Wade – 2K Games/Firaxis

Technical Innovation
Heavy Rain
David Cage, Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Scott Johnson – Sony, Quantic Dream & XDev Studio Europe

Use of Audio
Battlefield: Bad Company: 2
Patrick Bach, David Goldfarb – Electronic Arts/DICE

Ones To Watch Award
Jocce Marklund, Annette Nielsen, Linus Nordgren, Marcus Heder, Thomas Finlay (That Game Studio)

GAME Award
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Activision Blizzard UK Ltd/Treyarch

9 thoughts on “And the winner is… The BAFTA Game Awards

  1. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a list of awards for games that I honestly can’t argue with. Hell, I don’t like Mass Effect, but I wouldn’t argue it recieving a “Best Game” reward,

    Really glad Hot Pursuit won best multiplayer. The Autolog really is something innovative and it’s nice to see it win an award.

    To me, it’s a list that says “Best by technical execution” and not “Best by popularity”.

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