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Crysis 2 Trailer and Interview

That’s a PC trailer, by the way. Looks rather slick.

In addition, we have an interview posted today at the Mothership with Producer Nathan Camarillo who turns out wasn’t all to thrilled with that build leak a while back. DRM might be in Crysis’ future?

Looks like it.

4 thoughts on “Crysis 2 Trailer and Interview

  1. Seriously Crytek, if you want to hold down your rep as the bringer of PC pain, you’re going to have to do a lot better than this. Battlefield 3 is making a mockery of Crysis 2’s visuals right now. Nevermind the gameplay, that was a lost cause from the beginning.

    I get it, you want the console sales. Fair enough, but don’t expect to maintain the “we take no sub $500 GPU prisoners” crown come Battlefield 3 launch day.

  2. Sorry to bust your milk crate buddy but nobody wants to pay for a game that they can’t run on their system and the percentage of PC gamers running >$500 cards isn’t very high.

    According to survey stats, 19.23% of people surveyed have DirectX 11 capable cards in February of this year. Remove the lower powered DX11 capable cards and you can probably halve that to find the percentage of people running cutting edge cards. That’s not much of a market to aim at. They tried it with Crysis and it backfired, their sales were lack-luster and piracy was rampant. I for one am glad to see them learning from their mistakes.

    Look at the statistics, look at the most owned video cards. Toning down the system-raping visuals is a smart move and that should be recognized.

    I for one will probably buy it, particularly if they do a nice package with the first two installments discounted. The gameplay looks slick, I’m confident (thanks to the demo) that I can run it without it looking like ass or raping my system and the multiplayer feels like FEAR but with a CoD rewards system attached. I’m not going to call it the greatest game ever, but it ticks a lot of boxes right now!

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