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Final Mass Effect 2 DLC on 3/29

No High Scores

Remember when BioWare said that DLC for Mass Effect 2 would set the stage for Mass Effect 3? Turns out they were right! The Arrival, the final piece of the Mass Effect 2 DLC puzzle drops on March 29th and has Commander Shepard heading out to the edge of the galaxy to find an undercover agent that may have evidence of a Reaper invasion. You know, the invasion we already know about because they showed it to us at the end of Mass Effect 2. Hrm.

Aaaaaaany way, the final pack features the return of Lance Henrikson, which is always a good thing. We could all use a little Lance Henrikson in our lives. The pack will cost you 560 Microsoft space bucks, 560 BioWare Ferelden bucks or $6.99 in normal, Earth currency.

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