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The Homefront Steam Code Contest

**This contest is over! Thanks for entering**

It’s time for our 2nd contest here at No High Scores. It’s our way to show some appreciation to our readers for sticking around these past 30-some-odd days and making the blog a success. To show you how much we care, we’re giving away a free Steam code for THQ’s Homefront.

Wait, wait, hang on.

I know we’ve been rather critical of Homefront, and Mike even called it a ‘turkey’, but I say you find out for yourself and there’s no better way than getting a free copy of the PC game which is sure to look a lot better than the 360 version. I think free Homefront will likely be a hell of a lot more fun than full priced Homefront, right?

All you have to do is post a comment in this here thread, letting us know that you’d like a Steam code along with anything else you’d like to add (you guys rock, why doesn’t Danielle post more often? Why does Todd hate BioWare?), and come Sunday during the Sunday Time Waster column I’ll announce the winner where upon I’ll email you your shiny Steam code!

Good luck!

132 thoughts on “The Homefront Steam Code Contest

  1. I would love a Steam code for free Homefront.

    And I officially love Dragon Age 2.. just saying 😛

  2. Shouldn’t we wait until Thanksgiving to give a turkey away, Bill?

    God bless Hooters, Full Throttle energy drinks, Jansport, and Tiger Direct for showing us what it means to be free from the tyranny of them Ko-reens.. Cue up the Lee Greenwood song -sniff-

  3. If I play this crappy game then maybe I will finally understand the relentless criticisms levied against it constantly. Perhaps I will finally reach gaming enlightenment.

  4. Ok, maybe not anything. And maybe not once. I guess it would be fun to see what all the hubub is about this game. I’d love a free steam code to find out.

    The site is great and I’m visiting game shark now. I suppose soon I will be assimilated into listening to the podcast, huh?

  5. I thought the writeup for Homefront here was a great read, I’d love a chance to try it for myself!

  6. Thanks for another great giveaway guys! You are awesome and I’d love a shot at that Steam Code.

  7. I’ve been wanting to play the Homefront multiplayer, but I don’t have the money to buy the game :( . On another note, I’ve enjoyed reading a lot of your posts because I tend to see a lot of stories here that aren’t covered by major sites. Keep up the good work!

  8. Hello,

    My name is Chad and I would like the Homefront steam code. Thank you Bill for being generous.


  9. Naw, just kidding. All valid criticisms of the DAII, but hey, I still just lost 47 hours of my life to that game, and love every minute of it. Which is more than I can say about Witcher, Enhanced Edition.

    Also, would love a Homefront code!

  10. I’ve been following your other blog and then came here. I would love to have a free copy of homefront.

  11. Give me the Steam code and begin the new series of Reader Reviews! You’ll give games to your readers, who’ll write their own reviews in a regular feature. I’ll definitely write a review of Homefront if I win, either way.

  12. I think I deserve a code because I spent months with it pre-release and was not able to talk about how good the multiplayer is. I hear the singleplayer has issues, but I would rather enjoy commanding my favorite Ground Assault Drone loaded up with extra toughness, faster speed, and slower power drain. Let me relive the glory!

  13. Thanks for the opportunity to win a free turkey – errr. video game. A raw turkey would make an awesome TF2 soldier hat.

  14. This is the only game news blog I check consistently. It’s pretty much a daily ritual! The writing is great and concise (and makes a point of surgically removing PR speak).

    Free Homefront? Yes please! Delicious icing on the Awesome-Cake.

  15. I came here via Dubious Quality and really love your blog. I read it everyday. And I would just love a free steam code for Homefront. Please?

    You guys rock!

  16. I love this blog, read it several times daily. And oh yeah, some free Homefront would be cool.

  17. Oh there’s more DA2 writing come from me. I have between 5-10 pages of stuff written about the game right now (broken up into multiple articles), but I need to actually finish the game (tonight?) and polish it all up with some more of the variables in mind before I get to posting. (I’m hoping to make this a semi-regular thing.)

    Also, kicking dirt at The Witcher? That’s just crazy talk! :)

  18. id like to have the steam code
    haha, its funny because i found yall accidently, now i read you more then i read kotaku, haha
    and why does todd hate bioware?

  19. I’d love a free code. Maybe you should give them out with the stipulation that the recipients write a rebuttal review in defense of the game. 😉

  20. I hear in the Witcher you have to play some dude. I forgave Alpha Protocol that, but it’s a big disadvantage!

    (Incidentally I’m enjoying the blog, but please give the Homefront key to someone else :)

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