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The No High Scores Double Dip Contest!

Hey! It’s time for another giveaway!

It’s been a few weeks since we last gave away free stuff to our wonderful readers who have sworn undying loyalty to everyone here at the No High Scores office.*

This week we’re giving away TWO, yes TWO games! One I know is good and the other, well, I do not. You’re just going to have to take your chances. It’s free, though. The contest is for BOTH games so if you win one, you win both.

Game number one is the newly released XBLA game Outland from UbiSoft, given an “A” review by our very own Michael Barnes this one is certified gold.

Game number two is the newly released sidescrolling PC game on Steam called Capsized. It’s being received quite well in the press. You can read more here:

The Capsized contest is also being run on GameShark’s Facebook page.

Capsized is also being given away on Dangercade, which is an indie game news blog run by GameShark’s Sr. Editor, and my buddy, Brian Rowe. Head over there and tell Brian we sent you and be nice. Brian’s good people. No boot spam, k?

Now, those contests are independent of ours — I just wanted to share the info. Free games are great regardless.

So, we have two codes for each game so two lucky winners will be bagging both games.

Just reply in this thread to enter the contest. Bribes are appreciated but rarely work. I will announce the winners in Sunday’s Time Waster.

*We do not have an office.

124 thoughts on “The No High Scores Double Dip Contest!

  1. Been an avid reader since the Kotaku plug, I’ll definitely add my raffle ticket in.

  2. I don’t have an xbox, but I do play steam games. This is actually the first I’ve heard of Capsized.

  3. I’ve been eying both of these, but can’t justify spending money on games at the moment. Getting them free would be great!

  4. I’ll enter! Thanks guy!

    p.s. you guys gonna be giving away train sets anytime soon? i wanna recreate the PSN in my basement…

  5. Entering the contest. While I’m at it, I want to hand out an invitation to Mr. Abner. Some fellow Ohio residents and myself from the area are running a few events in your home state in the near and distant future. Both events are community-driven endeavors from another popular podcast, but we all appreciate Jumping the Shark, strategy board-gaming, and a couple of cold ones. You’re welcome to come, and if you have any interest in the idea, I’ll fire you some details via email. Cheers.

  6. Free is a wonderful word. As long as it’s not free diseases or free rabid ferrets! The artwork on Capsized is really nice.

  7. I’m in.
    As my bribe, I offer the XLBA game, because I don’t have an Xbox.
    May the best bribe win!

  8. Bribe-wise, I will name my coworkers new baby after Bill Abner. It won’t be legally binding in any way, but if I keep calling her Bill it’s sure to annoy the parents.

  9. A chance at free games for a mere comment? I was prepared for some kind of ancient ceremony involving paddles. Oh well, sign me up!

  10. TIMMY: What are you doing?
    GEORGE: What?
    TIMMY: Did … did you just double-dip that chip?
    GEORGE: Excuse me?
    TIMMY: You double-dipped the chip!
    GEORGE: “Double-dipped”? What are you talking about?
    TIMMY: You dipped the chip. You took a bite. And you dipped again.
    GEORGE: So…?
    TIMMY: That’s like putting your whole mouth right in the dip! From now on, when you take a chip – just take one dip and end it!
    GEORGE: Well, I’m sorry, Timmy… but I don’t dip that way. [George takes a chip]
    TIMMY: Oh, you don’t, huh?
    GEORGE: No. [dips the chip] You dip the way you want to dip… [takes a bite of the chip] I’ll dip the way I want to dip. [double-dips the chip]
    TIMMY: Give me the chip! [Grabs George and the chip goes flying.] Give me the chip! [George and Timmy start to struggle.]

  11. Capsized looks like an excellent game, and Outland has just looked excellent for a while.

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