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Witcher 2 to 360; GoG Gets EA: It's a Live Blog!

So CD Projekt Red and GoG have some big announcement today. I’ve been seeing references to this for weeks (it feels like), but since all they’ve announced up to this point is the announcment of an announcement, I haven’t paid much attention to it. It’s like Spaceballs: “Preparing. You’re always preparing! Just go!” So if you have no idea what this is really about (probably Witcher 2 on 360), well, I’m right there with you. Let’s learn together!

Begin the (not really) “live” blog in 3… 2… 1…

2:30 – Announcment starts in 30 minutes. I can’t believe there’s a public chat window for this thing. Why would you do that?

2:45 – There’s a witcher wolf’s head on the screen. Subtle tip or generic logo?

3:00 – Now it’s a title screen. The people in chat are going crazy. Suuuuuch a bad idea.

3:15 – Still nothing. The chat people are ready for violence. An American just insulted the entire Polish nation. I’m amazed it took that long.

3:20 – It starts. Chat window and my Twitter feed can calm down now.

3:21 – Stream can’t stay streaming for more than two seconds at a time. I’m about ready to call it a day and wait for someone else’s write-up.

3:22 – Feed is smoothing out. Thank god. My first “live” blog was going to end in utter defeat. Wow. Witcher 2 sold through 400k copies in first week. Not bad for PC only game with no DRM. Showing some review scores. How come my Gameshark review isn’t there. Man, f*** these guys. I’m giving their next game a D+!

3:24 – Announced version 1.2 patch improvements – balance tweaks, key mapping, target lock tweaks, TW1 savegame import fix. Something about a “containers exploit fix.” Audio still spotty. Kind of annoying, but tolerable. They’re going on for a bit on the specific fixes. This has to be the first live video conference ever to lead off with a patch fix list. Trailblazing! Oh, and patch will be up tomorrow (6/2) and will include all previously released DLC (mostly equipment and such).

3:27 – New DLC announced that’s also part of patch 1.2. They can’t pronounce the title. I can’t either. Thank god for the slide. It’s called Barbers and Coiffures. Basically, it’s new hairstyles for Geralt. And now we’re getting video of it in action. Um…. okay? I’m so glad I’ll be doing day job work at home tonight so I can take time out to document this.

3:30 – Amazon, Gamestop, and Steam get $10 off on Witcher 2 from now until end of E3.

3:31 – We’re watching a trailer for Papercraft of Kings. I kid you not. I know this is supposed to be all in good fun, but what am I doing here? I have actual work to do while they show cute papercraft videos with edgy background music.

3:33 – They’re now saying it’s probably not that funny. Thanks for confirming. Now they’re promising to get serious and have confirmed Witcher 2 for 360. Folks, I’ve been saying this was a given since we saw the game at E3 last year. Promising no quality compromises in terms of graphics. I’m sorry, but they’re spinning. They’re really just saying it’s still going to be pretty, “You’ll have the same feeling as the players playing on the PC.” Game will be out by end of this year.

3:36 – Announcing cooperation with the creator of intro/outro guy from Witcher 1 (which was good). I can’t pronounce or spell the name. Here comes the trailer for this new work. I missed what they said this is for. Just a new intro for Witcher 2? Frame rate on video feed is awful, but I guess it looks pretty. Not sure why it’s being made this big a deal of. There will be an HD version of the trailer up at GameTrailers. (I’ve now embedded it above.)

3:38 – They’re recruiting now. They’re looking for a new head of PR & Marketing. That’s one I’ve not seen before. Maybe I should freshen up my resume since I’m going to be fired for covering this when I should be working. (Seriously, boss. I’m making up the time at home tonight. And already did last night. And likely will be this weekend as well. That’s just how much I still have to do before I leave for E3. Trust me, I’m covered!)

3:40 – Now they’re bringing some guys from Good Old Games. Reviewing GoG 2011. Over 325 games. More than 40 partners, including Activision, Ubi, and Atari. Talking about Spring software update – new downloader, personal messages, and other improvements.

3:43 – They’re announcing an announcement of an announcment. Good to see I was on the same page with them at the start of this blog. About to reveal new partner by showing a video…. and it’s…. seriously… f**ing get to it…. oh shit. Wing Commander: Privateer! Guess that means EA. I call that a win. Oh no. It’s not… oh yeah! Dungeon Keeper! Nice! I never did get to play that. I wonder how playable it really is. Ultima Underworld (1-2) up next. This was a truly groundbreaking game back in its day. 25+ total games coming, but they’ve not mentioned any other specific titles. The one mentioned are now live at GoG, though, at $5.99. Expect more games in late August/early September. Spending some time justifying why it’ll take all summer to get more games out. Like those four can’t keep people busy for awhile?

3:47 – They’re guessing at 3 questions we must all surely have. System Shock and Syndicate… not part of the deal for licensing reasons. Disappointing, but not shocking. “Never say never.” I think I just tuned out of the second question. Sorry. I’m an amateur. Third question about spreading “good vibes”? Yeah, that’s what I was wondering. Ah well, guess I should cut ’em some slack. Reminding everyone to follow @gog.

3:50 – Heading into wrap-up to recap big points. This is where I jump off. Nice job, GoG, signing up EA! Keep that catalog coming!

UPDATE: Per Rhamorim in the comments, “Games coming later this month: Crusader: No Remorse, Magic Carpet, and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.” Alpha f-ing Centauri. Believe it or not I never did play that game. Another of my not so secret shames. Sold.

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