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1812: The Invasion of Canada in Review

Canada. They may still have a lot to answer for by giving the world the unlistenable music of Rush and it may seem like the War of 1812 and the American invasion of Our Neighbor to the North isn’t very interesting. But hot damn is Academy Games’ 1812: The Invasion of Canada a great board game. It’s a five player, team based game (three players are England, Native Americans, and the apparently easily cowed Canadian Militia, the other two are American Regulars and Militia) that really requires a lot of collusion and coordiation between teammates. It’s extremely easy and fun to play- I had a full noob table up and running in less than ten minutes. It’s also reasonable in the playtime department- an hour to ninety minutes on average. The dice system is ridiculously fun, the cardplay is limited but interesting, and it’s all exceptionally well framed in a minimal design.

It’s the total package…except for the niche historical subject matter and the relatively dull production of wooden cubes and a boring map.

But yes, you should play this game. It’s the best game of 2012…so far. Review at Gameshark.


10 thoughts on “1812: The Invasion of Canada in Review

  1. Canada. They may still have a lot to answer for by giving the world the unlistenable music of Rush”


    Them be fighting words there Barnes.  If you’re going to criticize Canada for musical atrocities get them right at least, blame them for something like Loverboy or Justin Bieber.  Blaming Canada for Rush is like blaming Chicago for deep dish pizza.


    Well it does seem to be an interesting game, not something likely to hit the table in my group though.  Direct combat games are a tough sell for them.

  2. I’d probably rather listen to Bryan Adams over Rush, to be honest. At least it’s shorter.

    The Voivod catalog up through and including “Nothingface” almost makes up for Rush.

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