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A Leaked Release Date for the Wii U

According to a Japanese retailer who gave their information to Wii U Daily, it looks like Nintendo has settled on a release date for the Wii U – November 18th of this year. It’s a bit a late in the holiday season, but certainly enough time to drive more than a few parents bonkers going from store to store, hoping to track one down.

As we discussed on this week’s podcast, I’m actually interested in seeing what a new generation of home game console could offer from a tech and capability standpoint. Unfortunately, the Wii U doesn’t quite fit that criteria, no matter how curious I am about the tablet controller. In fact, according to this story at Games Industry International, a couple of developers have anonymously come forward to note that the graphics capabilities of the Wii U don’t quite reach the level of the current gen Xbox 360 and PS3. Given that, it’s hard to imagine a lot of 360 and PS3 players jumping ship to get themselves a Wii U, no matter what price point it debuts at. Of course, the real question is whether or not Wii owners will make the move. Do we have any Wii only households in our audience that plan to jump on the U?

Todd Brakke

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6 thoughts on “A Leaked Release Date for the Wii U

  1. As always, the decision of whether to move on a console is going to be exclusively determined by what games are available. If Wii U launches with a new Mario and a new Zelda, it’ll be tough to hold out. If it launches with a bunch of dancing games, another Rock Band, and a new version of Wii Sports, I don’t think I’ll be interested.

    1. Somewhat agreed. I haven’t even opened the last Zelda game I got at Christmas. That would require me to hook up the Wii that’s been collecting dust for two years. I’ll hold out on the Wii U for a while. They need to establish that it’s a credible system for more than just Zelda/Mario. As much as I like those series, they alone aren’t worth the cost of a new system (this time anyway).

  2. Will this put Nintendo on the path it was before the Wii, I think most people will say yes but is always difficult to say how consumers will react. With the Game Cube Nintendo home console was on the decline alltough all reports say that Nintendo was actually profitable during the period the console was fulled only by Nintendo. Wii made Nintendo popular again, more popular then it ever was on some markets, especially Europe, but that is over now. I have no doubt that a good Mario game, or other good Nintendo game, will sell millions of WiiU, I dont’ see any reason why the Wii sports and Wii Fit and Just Dance crew to buy the WiiU. I don’t see any reason for the Call of Duty, Assassin creed crowd to buy the WiiU, and that makes the market for WiiU very small.

  3. If I were convinced that this console would be competitive into the next generation and that it would have more to offer than familiar characters and tired reiterations of existing games, I’d be more excited.

    The system has potential, and all eyes are on Nintendo to see if this pulls them out of the post-Wii slump. The question remains if all of this developer talk means anything- or if developers will be willing to invest the additional time and resources needed to make use of the tablet features in ported games.

    I have a trade-in preorder fund started at Gamestop because I’d like to be able to cover the games, but at a non-professional level I’m not particularly interested in it right now.

    But Nintendo has a chance- if they avoid all of this silly punish-the-customer crap as has been alleged to be a part of the Microsoft and Sony eighth generation strategy, then they may be able to get folks on board. If you can play Modern Warfare 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3.5 on it _without_ DRM, used game lockout, and so forth…why wouldn’t you?

  4. That’s the only thing that has me interested in the Wii U. Taking their failures out on their consumers has never been Nintendo’s M.O. That and hardware that can survive been run over by a tank.

  5. It would be impossble for me to care less about the wii u.

    No more mario.

    Mario needs to die in a tragic plumming accident.

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