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Skyrim to Expand with Dawnguard DLC

See that image there? Now you know just about everything we know about the next big chunk of DLC for Skyrim. The Bethesda Blog updated with the image yesterday and a tagline indicating it’s coming this summer “to Xbox 360” with more details to come at E3. Um… Xbox 360? No PC? Not that I’ll be playing it either way, but surely that’s an oversight?

Todd Brakke

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6 thoughts on “Skyrim to Expand with Dawnguard DLC

    1. It’s a shame because I was super impressed with how Bethesda handled Skyrim’s release, especially in how bad last fall was with those things. Now they fall back into this crap.

  1. Xbox was always going to be exclusive for a period on the DLC for Skyrim. It was agreed to a long time ago, or I at least remember hearing about it.

  2. I haven’t been very keen on any DLC lately, unless it’s the rare free DLC.
    Although seeing as I only paid $10 for Skyrim when it released(thanks to some awesome gaming coupons) I will probably grab this.

    Also, even though the 360 is my main gaming platform I do share your sentiment towards all of these “exclusives.” Microsoft and Sony always trying to get people to justify their purchase of a platform and it only hurts us gamers.

  3. I don’t know what it is with Skyrim, but I just can’t get into it. I think the combat, although greatly improved from the mess that was Oblivion, still feels too clunky and disconnected. Never mind that most of the quests are just filler fetch things so far.

    Even the main quest doesn’t really offer anything in terms of interesting story, being mostly go there, finish that dungeon, and then come back. The world is pretty enough, but what’s in it can’t really hold my attention.

  4. To be more specific, its a timed exclusive for the 360, just like the first Fallout New Vegas DLC was. And part of that deal is that they can’t say anything about other versions for awhile either. However, from what I’ve read its only 30 days that the 360 has exclusivity.

    One thing I’ve never understood, though, is why Microsoft cares about making the PC users wait. After all, 99% of them are using a MS OS. So they make money either way. Making PS3 buyers wait I can see, but I don’t see why they make the PC users wait. I’m pretty sure they didn’t early on with other 360 exclusives, but at some point it changed.

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