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Jumping the Shark Podcast #152

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Jumping the Shark #152 brings you our very special and heart-warming Thanksgiving Day extravaganza, in which we reference The Day the Turkey Died about sixty seconds from the end. We’re all heart at JTS. This week, while Bill was off traipsing around the floors of BGG Con, hawking his wares to the masses, Brandon and I got together to discuss our thoughts on the opening hours of Dishonored (which we’ve both begun playing), I conclude that my time with Fallen Enchantress is best put off for another day, and Brandon laments the fall of Cortana in Halo 4 (along with the rest of the game). I’ve also got some thoughts on Cloud Atlas thrown in there for good measure and you don’t want to miss that.

The show is taking the holiday week off this year so that we can enjoy time with family and friends, eating of the fowl and the potato, drinking of the wine, etc. etc. but we’ll be back with a new show to be posted on December 2nd. From our No High Scores family to yours, we wish you a fun and safe Thanksgiving! (You non-USA people can go about your business as usual.)

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Todd Brakke

Todd was born in Ann Arbor with a Michigan helmet in one hand and a mouse in the other. (Never you mind the logistics of this.) He grew, vertically anyway, and proceeded to spend over 16 years as a development editor for Pearson Education, publishing books, videos, and digital learning products under the Que and Sams Publishing imprints. Because that wasn't enough of a challenge, Todd has also been a 20-year part-time snob about video games, writing reviews, features, and more for multiple outlets. Follow him on Twitter @ubrakto or check it out his website at

5 thoughts on “Jumping the Shark Podcast #152

  1. This comment is one episode late, but for what it’s worth, Assassin’s Creed 3 makes a substantially better first impression than Revelations did. Obvious stuff is obvious, like the much improved flow between different animation routines, but I’m particularly taken by the subtler points of eye contact and body language in the cutscenes. Someone with a lot of respect for the plot put a great deal of effort into directing these digital characters, and I’m enjoying the end result a great deal.

    That said, I’ve heard the game gets buggier and sloppier the longer it goes, so I couldn’t recommend it to anyone just yet.

    1. I’ve spent a little more time with AC3 over the long weekend, and I have to say I’m really not a fan of how the game handles bonus objectives. The idea of adding new challenges as the mission unfolds is fine, but flashing up a brief, soundless notification in the corner of the screen doesn’t always stand out in the corner of an raucous action scene. It also doesn’t keep a handy checklist on the pause menu like the previous games. I’ve already had to replay three different missions because I didn’t know there were new goals on the docket.

      There also seems to be noticeably more Desmond than in AC2 or Brotherhood. I don’t know how much of it is skippable since I do it all, but at least it’s been better than those awful Desmond’s Diary segments in the last game.

      1. Correction: there is a list of mission and bonus objectives…on the map screen. Seems like an odd place considering that I have never, ever opened the map during a mission in any previous AC game and there’s a *ton* of unused screen space on the pause menu, but hey, at least it’s there.

  2. On the topic of Dishonored, I’m curious if you guys are using the Drop or the Throw button when putting down your unconscious bodies. I’m about a mission and a half ahead of where you were in the podcast, and so far I haven’t had the experience of knocking anyone dead when dropping them into a quiet alcove or empty dumpster.

    I’m not playing strictly non-lethal, though. Watchmen and scullery maids chatting about their pending nuptials get to wake up together on the master bed, but woe unto any goon who jingles his coin purse while he laughs about desecrating bodies.

    1. I just drop them. I’ve never had a guy die from throwing him down too hard. In my very limited experience, it’s just if they so much as graze the water that they drown. Very often not an issue, and I never ran across it again when completing the first “real” mission in the game.

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