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Jumping the Shark Episode #195 | nohighscores.com

Jumping the Shark Episode #195

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This week’s Jumping the Shark brings you a smorgasbord of topical goodness as Brandon cracks the seals on his new Playstation 4 and uses it to play more with his Vita. Bill joins us to talk basketball foibles and a little TV. And I drop more XCOM: Enemy Within truth bombs than you can shake a stick at. Along the way Brandon and I also get into the excellent new movie, About Time, and talk about what makes Thor: The Dark World a worthy entry into the Marvel movie canon.


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Musical interlude, “Gentle Autumn Breeze,” by Garret Dwyer.

4 Responses to “Jumping the Shark Episode #195”

  1. Mark E November 19, 2013 at 11:42 am #

    The 47 new maps are rather great, aren’t they? Had a brilliant throw-down in a barn with tractors about yesterday.

    And I dunno if you found out after, Todd, but one of the promotion upgrades is required to let your MEC turn into a mobile piece of cover.

    And did they revamp some of the promotions? It feels like they might have, as I swear I was seeing new options for regular soldiers. It has been a while since I played, so that may just be old age.

    • Todd Brakke November 19, 2013 at 12:27 pm #

      I’m absolutely positive they changed some of the promotions for regular squad soldiers. Like you, I can’t remember exactly how, but I know a couple of those were new. (The one at the top of my head right now is the lone Colonel promotion for Heavies.)

      And, yeah, playing last night I finally noticed there’s a Mec upgrade to add cover.

      Just wait until you get to the XCOM base invasion. I hit that last night and had a two-hour slugfest result in a loss and end of game. It was just brutal. And that’s on Normal diffficulty. Going to take another crack at it tonight. :)

      A couple things I messed mentioning – I *love* having access to alternate languages. It doesn’t cover every nationality, but having squaddies shout in french, russian, german, etc. is great. And, while I think they could have been implemented a little better (I don’t think the game judges well when they’re deserved or not), I do really like the medals system.

      • Mark E November 20, 2013 at 11:45 am #

        I feel we’re the only two people playing this title ;).

        I can’t wait for the base mission, actually! Loved those in the original.

        The medals are a nice way to shore up weak points – I frequently award the DERP to help the will of my soldiers (and why yes renaming them is fun).

        The voices are in fact a simple touch that makes things so much better. Which is my overall review of the expansion itself, really.

  2. drunkenpandaren November 21, 2013 at 5:00 pm #

    On the PS4. I’m happy that Sony decided to actually push Remote Play instead of half-assing it last generation. Besides Liar, I don’t remember what else used Remote Play for the PS3.

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