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No High Scores’ Titanfall Coverage HERE!


Oh boy, unless you live in South Africa or made the wise decision to not purchase the Microsoft Xbox One Cable TV Reciever and Political Advertisement Delivery Device, the much-ballyhooed TITANFALL arrives tomorrow!  It is sure to be the beginning of at least three years of a glorious run before the servers shut down and the game is no longer playable since it’s a mulitplayer only, online online title. You may have noticed that here at NHS we haven’t written about it. The reason for this is threefold: 1)I don’t think any of us have an Xbox One 2) I don’t think any of us really care and 3) you can read piles of articles about TITANFALL over at Electronic Arts’ marketing site, But we’ve got to keep up with the teenybopper video game blogs to look legit,  so I thought I would step up to make sure that NHS has at least one article about this system-selling sure-to-be blockbuster. So here’s a screenshot of Iron Soldier for the Atari Jaguar.

Michael Barnes

Games writer Michael Barnes is a co-founder of as well as His trolling has been published on the Web and in print in at least two languages and in three countries. His special ability is to cheese off nerds using the power of the Internet and his deep, dark secret is that he's actually terrible at games. Before you ask, no, the avatar is not him. It's Mark E. Smith of The Fall.

8 thoughts on “No High Scores’ Titanfall Coverage HERE!

  1. Unless something has changed, Todd had an XBox One that his kids use for Skylanding. He also had a great segment about the many assorted flavors of microtransactions in NBA 2k14.

    This brings up a question I’ve been wondering about for a while: is there any mechanism by which a reader can donate a game to No High Scores for review? I know it goes against the “who cares about Titanfall” spirit of this post, but I would be substantially more interested in what Todd would have to say about it compared to any other outlet.

    1. “I would be substantially more interested in what Todd would have to say about it compared to any other outlet.”

      In all the things that have been said, ever, in the history of the world, this is now my favoritist of them all.

      If only the game had some kind of legit, non-multiplayer dependent, story-driven mode to it, I probably would’ve bought it. It is tempting to take you up on the donate a game offer (that is seriously generous), but I’m squishy on the idea of setting that precedent. On the other hand, a post titled “They Made Me Play It: Titanfall” makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside.

      EDIT: Oh yeah, and you were on the money w/the Xbox One. We do have one. I have only played NBA 2k on it, which I’ve done a rather sad amount of now. Kids have moved off Skylanders, but Lego Marvel and Zoo Tycoon still getting burn from them.

    2. Rather than donate a game, why don’t you invite us to a “review event” where we are wined and dined and allowed to play the game for two hours in a highly controlled environment while you provide us with talking points and guidance for how our review (to written the next day) should read?

      Kidding aside (not really kidding though, since this really happens), I’ll review anything anyone wants to send me provided I have the means to play it. Video game, board game, whatever. I like Todd’s idea of “they made me play this”.

      1. Don’t…. tempt….. me….. Hrrrk…

        You’d set a dangerous precedent there Michael, though not the one Todd is worried about. In no time you’d have some copy of Colonial Marines or other such atrocity when it went up for $5 on Steam.

        Really it’d be more likely that you’d get the excess or repeat copies of Steam keys for games many of us already have. I’m sure I can’t be the only one with spare parts lying about.

        Related if either of you fine folks would like a copy of Fez or Frozen Synapse feel free to say so.

        1. Thanks for the offer, I actually have both…remember, I kind of got in trouble for my Fez review. Frozen Synapse, I have the iPad edition and it’s pretty neat. Haven’t really dug into it though.

          How about Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze? Can you send me that? 😉

  2. I personally think the quality of this game speaks for itself. Is it hyped to hell yes, but the game is quit enjoyable and a lot of fun. Also you can play the game on the 360 and PC as well, so you have plenty of options there.

    1. I totally agree with you that the quality of the game should be the measure of its worth. The game might be really good for all I know. But I’m not going to find out because I don’t have the means to play it and it’s not worth investing in any of the options to do so. I also am not feeling very favorable toward a game that offers no offline or single player content and by all accounts is presenting a product that is LESS than previous FPS titles. One review I saw- notably from a newspaper, not a “games journo” hangout spot- commented that it sets a bad precedent for a $59.999 game to have so little content compared to what has come before.

      By the time the Xbox One is $199 and Titanfall is $4.99 at Gamestop- my pay-to-play points on this- you may not even be able to play it anymore.

      Unless those price drops happen this year. :-)

      1. Yeah totally understand. I thought the game was quite enjoyable, but content wise a little lacking. Though be careful by the time titanfall gets that cheap, titanfall 2 will come out and they will just simply shut the servers on titanfall 1 :/

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