Cave Evil Reprinting!


Alright, here’s your shot. Back in 2011, I listed Cave Evil as one of my top games of the year. And it was a tough year. Cave Evil was up there alongside GOTY winner Mage Knight, Eclipse, and everybody’s favorite King of Tokyo. But there were only 500 copies of Cave Evil, and they dried up fairly quick. Can you name one other black metal-themed, old school fantasy wargame? I didn’t think so.

Anyway, one of the solemn and atavistic emissaries of the Emperors of Eternal Evil stopped by here to bump my original review post because they’re reprinting the game- again in limited quantities. This is not a Kickstarter campaign. This is preorder thing and they want to be able to sell at least 420 copies to cover a 1000 piece print run.  The price is $75 if you get in on the preorder, but it’ll be $90 after. And do note that this is a 100% made-in-America game. Get yours at

These guys totally deserve the support for doing such an outstanding, unique game. Seriously folks, this game is outstanding with some of the coolest, most outrageously original artwork and theming you’ve ever seen. Even if you don’t know Beherit from Burzum or Nargaroth from Gorgoroth, the dark fantasy setting is awesome and it’s not without some subtle humor. The gameplay is old school, brutal, and fun. They’re saying that this is the FINAL print run, so don’t blow your gaming budget on a bunch of silly ass junk and go full nekro on this cult classic.

Jumping the Shark Podcast #181

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After a completely un-earned week off, the whole gang is back together for Jumping the Shark’s 181st episode. Is it too early to say the countdown to episode #200 begins here? It’s probably too early. So, instead of counting down we get our cheap on as Brandon takes a free spin through the streets of Albion in Fable 3. Todd finally completes his not so heroic journey in Knights of the Old Republic 2, and Bill returns with a huge surprise – he’s… been playing… exactly… nothing! It’s a full-on shock and awe campaign that really could be missed, but you don’t want to miss it because it’s us and we’re awesome and because there’s a solid ten minutes of outtakes this week.


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Calendar Man – Week of 7/15

smt iv shot one

It’s a good thing the Steam Summer Sale is going on as there’s not a whole lot on the new releases front. Shin Megami Tensei IV brings demon taming to the 3DS, as well as punishing difficulty if reviews are to be believed. Dynasty Warriors 8 (PS3, 360) brings the usual large scale massacring of enemies while RIPD and Turbo Super Stunt Squad (360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, DS, 3DS) bring the usual cruddy movie tie-in mediocrity. I’m just assuming at this point. My apologies if either of those games end up being good. In PS3 news, Time and Eternity brings the JRPG noise while Mamorukun Curse brings cursed bullets to SHMUPs, allowing you to lower your opponents’ defenses but increasing their shooting patterns. Dicey! Not to be left behind on the exclusive bandwagon, the 360 gets The Serious Sam Collection. Finally, the PC gets Face Noir, for folks that like Raymond Chandler but don’t like reading.

Me, I’m going to keep playing Fable 3. I also picked up Peggle for the iPad and am happy mindlessly blasting pegs all the live long day.

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The Forest of Doom Review

Forest of Doom cover

It’s one of the great ironies of modern gaming that the venerable format of paper gamebooks has made such a huge comeback on mobile devices. And riding the crest of this coolingly nostalgic wave is Tin Man Games. Authors may come and go, designers may build peculiar experimental magic systems into their apps, but the steady Tin Hand ensures a pleasing experience no matter what the content.

Their gamebook adventures engine improves with every release, making combat faster and the interface smoother. And I’ve always loved the eye for detail that goes in to their wonderful collections of achievements and book art, always with knowing winks to consumers of nerd minutiae hidden amongst the titles and the pictures.

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Cracked LCD- Kings of Air and Steam in Review

 kings of air

Kings of Air and Steam, new from Tasty Minstrel Games, had two major strikes against it before it landed on my table. One is that it has a Steampunk theme, which I almost categorically despise, and the other is that it is another Kickstarter title which at this point tends in that particular “movement” to mean an underdeveloped product. I’m very particular about what review copies I request from publishers and I won’t request games that I don’t think have a decent shot at earning a favorable notice, but I gave this game a chance because I love simple rail/transportation games and this one had an interesting combination of a traditional trains-and-tracks scheme paired with a programmed movement airship thing. It sounded kind of crazy and pretty unique. Continue Reading…

Deadpool In (Sort Of) Review

deadpool shot 1

At some point while playing Deadpool I died. Strange that could happen given that Deadpool is supposed to have Wolverine-style healing properties and I read a comic once in which a nuclear blast was dropped on Wolvie and he survived. Also, there’s a cut scene in the game that shows Deadpool getting blown up to the point where all that’s left is his head yet he sprung back from that.

But I digress. Yeah, I died. I died because the pistol targeting is hella wonky. I died because Deadpool has no good way of dealing with ranged enemies and there weren’t enough enemies close by that would allow me to bust out a combo to get a health bump.

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Calendar Man – Week of 7/8

ncaa 14 shot 1

It’s July which means football season! Wait, what? Oh, right, college football. I understand that’s a big thing with some people. Those people may be happy to know that NCAA ’14 (PS3, 360) comes out this week. Then again, maybe those people won’t. I have no idea what goes on in the heads of people who get wrapped up in a system that can’t figure out how to do a proper championship.

In other news, Dark comes out for the 360. Early reviews are not promising. PS3 owners can play every Metal Gear Solid game ever created by human hands, or at the very least quite a few of them with the The Legacy Collection. Civ V gets the Brave New World expansion, Guncraft hits the PC and The Walking Dead: 400 Days hits iOS.  I played 400 Days on the PS3 and it’s pretty good. It doesn’t have the same weight as Season One, but seeing how it’s a bridge episode, I wouldn’t expect it to.

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The Occult Chronicles Preview


Haunted house type horror board games like Mansions of Madness and Betrayal at House on the Hill tend to suffer from one overriding problem which is that they’re pulled in all sorts of different directions by their requirements. How do you create a game that’s full of both mystery and well-informed decisions? How do you give it variety and replayability with limited tile stock and table space? How do you make it competitive and exciting without giving one player too much power?

The answer, obviously, is to make it into a computer game instead, and have the CPU handle all the fiddly bits for you. Enter upcoming game The Occult Chronicles, currently available to purchase as a playable beta-test. But in a twist worthy of the dark and disgusting gods that inspired the game, developer Cryptic Comet (also responsible for indie strategy titles Armageddon Empires and Solis Infernum) has seen fit to breed in elements of a Rogue-like as well.

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Cracked LCD- IOS Review Rodeo- Agricola, Immortal Heroes, Magic ’14, Rivals for Catan

Agricola board game on iPad tablet and iPhone mobileThere’s been a couple of high profile IOS board games not called Warhammer Quest released recently and I thought it would be a good time to resurrect the ol’ Review Rodeo for another roundup.

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The Last of Us Spoiler Space

the last of us shot 3

If you listened to Episode 180 of Jumping the Shark, or if you have finished The Last of Us, you know that it’s close to impossible to discuss the game fully without giving away a significant amount of the game’s story. With that, and the desire of some community members to keep the discussion going in mind, consider this a full-on, spoiler filled discussion of The Last of Us. If you read this post, things will get spoiled. If you read the comments, things will get spoiled. You have been warned.

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