Aliens: Infestation to Bring Portable Chest Bursting

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The ESRB is at it again, taking away all of the fun from struggling games journalists looking to hit it big with an exclusive reveal. No longer simply a ratings board, the ESRB has turned into an oracle of the future. The future, I tell you! The next title to have its coming out party ruined is Sega’s Aliens: Infestation. It’s a sidescroller made by the fine people at WayForward, they of A Boy and His Blob and Contra 4 fame. The game will be out for the DS, which just goes to show you there’s life in the old console yet. The game will also have partial nudity, which, as we all know, is integral to any Aliens game.

Seen at CVG.

Karnaxis in Review

When my friend Frank Branham showed me this game, I thought “WTF is a Karnaxis?” And then I saw the ugly graphic design and kind of wrote it off. But buzz was good, particularly after Frank trotted it out at an Atlanta gaming event, so I thought I’d give it the ol’ Cracked LCD treatment. I’m glad I did, because I love a good business game and Karnaxis is a good business game- but you’re a regular, fresh-out-of-high school person it, not a business, burgomeister, slave trader, oregano merchant or whatever. So yeah, it is a little like Life. It’s definitely influenced by Eurogames, but it’s a sort of anti-Eurogame, celebrating the ambition and wealth of the individual rather than positing the player in a servile role, working for the glory or fortune of an authority figure or for the betterment of a community or social collective.

But it is definitely a graphic design trainwreck. A lot of tabletop games are. Review is at Gameshark, as usual.

Angry Birds are Expensive Birds

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Another Eurogamer story today as the company you love to hate yet still play its well, game–Rovio sees its value as higher than what EA paid to swallow up PopCap.

“Of course like any business if the price is right, ha!” he exclaimed. “But we’ve set the bar pretty high from early on, because we really think we have a lot of opportunities with our Angry Birds IP and there’s a lot of creativity at the studio beyond Angry Birds. It was never a strategy here to quickly cash in on anybody who comes waving a wad of cash our way. But the valuation from our point of view is somewhere, I dunno, maybe north of PopCap.”

I don’t have a thing against these guys. I own Angry Birds like nearly all of you. I can’t fathom how Rovio is worth more than PopCap but what do I know? But when I read quotes like this:

But there are subtle variations on offer like Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. “There’s a lot of different stuff going on,” enthused Heijari, “we have a lot of different stuff in the pipeline. We already have quite a big reach with this one title. We want to now leverage that reach and bring more social experiences, more delightful games to an already established audience,” he said. “Not to say milk the Angry Birds titles as long as they can go, but really create sustainable characters and sustainable property and build a really massive brand out of Angry Birds.”

I have to wonder just how this is all going to end.

Can From Dust get the God Game its Mojo Back?

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If you read this here blog you know From Dust is a game I am looking forward to playing a great deal. It looked cool at E3 and I love a good god game. So Eurogamer posted a preview/interview for the game today and I read this:

More famous for his 2D side-scrollers, Chahi admits that he studied a few genre classics at the start of development to help him on his way; Peter Molyneux’s 2001 effort Black & White in particular.

“I’m a big fan of those games. I remember replaying Black & White to see how the camera was handled. We asked ourselves a lot of questions – did we need a totally free-roaming camera like in B&W, or customised points of view like in Pikmin, for example.”

I am still looking forward to playing From Dust despite that quote.

Read the full piece at Eurogamer.

New Rage Video — The Arsenal

It’s been a battle between Rage and Deus Ex for the most gameplay trailers of late, but today Rage gains some ground by showing a 4-minute video about weapons.

There’s shooting. With shotguns. And something taken out of Krull.

Flying Wild Hog Announces Hard Reset and We're Excited

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Oooh, here’s another game to keep an eye on, and not just for the ass shot in the corner of that screenshot. Read this PR and I think you’ll understand why…we’ll have more coverage on this one on GameShark as soon as possible.

Flying Wild Hog announced its debut game, the dark sci-fi first-person shooter, Hard Reset. The PC-exclusive title transports players to a dystopian future, with humanity on the verge of extinction, confined to its last standing city and under constant threat from the robotic hordes that aim to annihilate mankind. Hard Reset is scheduled for release in September 2011.

The first trailer for Hard Reset can be seen at:

In the only remaining human city of Bezoar, Major Fletcher, an Army Combat Veteran and soldier of the CLN, is dragged into a conflict between two of mankind’s greatest enemies. He is to discover that nothing is what it seems to be.

Hard Reset may be Flying Wild Hog’s debut title, but the 35-person studio is comprised of veterans of Warsaw’s bustling development scene, with past experience at such renowned developers as People Can Fly, CD Projekt RED and City Interactive, where they worked on acclaimed games like Bulletstorm, Painkiller, The Witcher 2, Sniper and more. Hard Reset is built upon the studio’s own Road Hog technology, which delivers stunning visuals that bring the game’s incredible atmosphere to life.

Given the game’s rapidly approaching release date, expect much more information and footage of Hard Reset in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, visit and follow the game’s progress on Twitter and Facebook.

Do You Want a Skyrim Demo?

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Well, tough, ’cause you aren’t getting one.

“No, we won’t be doing a demo,” stated Bethesda producer Craig Lafferty to Gameplanet.

“For a game of this size and complexity it’s really hard to do a demo the represents the game truly. And it would have to be a gigantic demo. So we won’t be doing a demo.”

Do you really need a demo for Skyrim, though? Isn’t this series past people needing to test drive it? Well, on the PC I suppose testing for speed but don’t you guys know what you’re getting here?

Thanks Eurogamer.

Metro: Last Light E3 Gameplay Trailer – Part 1

Get on the Barnes and Abner train and get excited about Metro: Last Light. This is part 1 of the demo we saw at E3 in June.

Ain’t it purty?

We’ll post part 2, where things get, um, hectic…when it’s available.

Dungeons of Dredmor Released on Steam

Much buzz about this one. I’ve been reading the Gaslamp website for a while now and its first project, the roguelike Dungeons of Dredmor, is now available on Steam for the exceedingly friendly price of five bucks.

Grab it here ( and we’ll put the game through its paces shortly.

Netflix Hits the 3DS Today

No High Scores

Netflix continues its plans to have every single consumer electronic device streaming movies right to your eyeballs by bringing Netflix to the 3DS today. Soon, nothing that plugs into the wall will be free from Netflix’s video delivery service. Coffee makers, toasters, electric toothbrush rechargers, they’ll all be able to let you watch Dexter as you go about your day. The Netflix update won’t cost you a dime, so fire up that 3DS and get the update. Granted, if you don’t pay for Netflix’s digital delivery service, it won’t do anything but at least you have one more filled in tile on your 3DS dashboard, making you feel like you can do something with the damn thing.