Dead Island Not Heavy Rain With Zombies

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Remember that awesome Dead Island trailer? The one with piano music and the frantic zombie killing and the dead kid and all of that raw emotion? Yeah, well the game that trailer is representing is more like Borderlands than Heavy Rain. Yes! Borderlands! You know, the game with a boss that has three testicles? In an interview with CVG, Dead Island producer Sebastian Reichert said that being compared to Heavy Rain after the trailer dropped was “awful” and that their game is more like Borderlands in how it keeps players playing than a game like Heavy Rain. He also had an interesting comment about DVD menus having more gameplay than Heavy Rain. What a jokester! I think by now we can safely say that the Dead Island trailer has absolutely nothing in common with how the game is shaping up other than that it has zombies, takes place on a resort island and has the name “Dead Island” on it. Interesting marketing strategy, that.

Seen at CVG.

Android App For AR Cards

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Come with me, dear reader on a terrifying journey of misplaced items. You buy your 3DS, get ready for some hot augmented reality action and horror of horrors, your cards are gone! All of them! Missing! What will you do now? How will you put Link hats on your puppies? How will you make a dragon sprout out of your kitchen table? HOW? Well, if you have an Android phone, you download the handy 3DS AR Card App and all is well again. Phew! Crisis averted! The app contains all of the AR cards that come with the 3DS meaning you’ll never be without them again. Unless you lose your phone at which point there’s no hope for you.

Fanta$y Flight announces "The Horned Rat" expansion for Chaos in the Old World

Oh, Fantasy Flight Games, will ya ever stop? I mean, at this point you’re releasing not only expansions for expansions (Miskatonic Horror) but you’re also putting out second editions of expansions (the newly announced 2nd edition of the “Curse of the Dark Pharaoh add-on for Arkham Horror). You’re even putting out games with material obviously cut out of them so that it can be put into expansions. It’s like DLC for the tabletop, except that you’re dinging your customers for anywhere from $20-$60 a pop!

Smartassery aside, this is a good news post because FFG has finally announced an expansion for Gameshark’s 2009 board game of the year, Chaos in the Old World. According to the newly launched “The Horned Rat” Web site, the expansion is bringing a fifth player into the game via the Skaven. I’m down with that. There are also some other additions including all-new cards and Chaos powers and a set of “expert level” Old World cards. It sounds pretty good, as long as they’re not trying to scam $39.95 out of what is about $20 worth of components. Come on guys, we’ve got to have enough change left over to buy those size 1 and 3 Fantasy Flight Supply card sleeves that you advertise right next to the list of components!

Definitely a must-consider for CitOW and Warhammer fans. It’ll be interesting to see if either having a fifth player fixes the “Nurgle wins by default” problem or if the new cards rebalance the game.

Rock of Ages Website a Go

The last I heard of this game Danielle was gushing after seeing it at E3. Well, now Atlus has a fully featured website ready to go so you should give it a look because Danielle promised that this would be the best game ever.* You can visit the new website here:

The game is set for a Spring 2011 release on XBLA, PSN, and PC.

Here’s some PR info on what the game is all about:

A rock-solid combination of deep strategy, rock-rolling action, captivating art and music from throughout history! Two castles stand opposed, bridged by an uneven, narrow pathway. One is yours, and you’re quite fond of it. The other is your enemy’s; they’re a jerk**, and their crappy** crenelations are driving down your property values.

Also, their castle sucks**, justification enough to try crush it using an enormous rolling stone. Unfortunately, they’ll have a chance to plan and build up some security, doing everything they can to derail your rock. Get through their defenses and you’re one step closer to crushing their unsightly tower (see also: their hopes and dreams). Once your turn is over, your opponent’s begins…

*She didn’t really say that but she did like it a lot at the show.

**Normally this is good strikethrough material but you have to give credit for creative press releases with excellent use of the words jerk, crappy, and sucks. Good on you, Atlus pr writer.

Nintendogs, Augmented Reality and You

Kotaku has a pretty cool video up showing you how the augmented reality cards that ship with the 3DS work with Nitendogs+cats. It’s nothing earth shattering, basically you can make your virtual pup appear on real life objects wearing a fine selection of Nintendo themed headwear. Nothing earth shattering that is, unless you mean earth shatteringly adorable. Seriously, those puppies are damn cute. Sadly, this is one of the features of the system and the game I’m looking forward to most. I can’t wait to get a picture of my two real dogs sitting next to my fake dog through the magic of augmented reality trickery. Even better, my fake dog can look like Kirby is pooping on his head. I was nicely surprised to see that the system’s pedometer will allow me to take my fake dog on a walk as I go about my daily travels although I’m a little wary of that feature given the short battery life of the system. Between the 3DS and the PokeWalker, my every step will be cataloged by Nintendo. Twice even!

The Sims Get Medieval; Available Now

My daughter flipped out when EA sent a copy of this today. We’re about to head out for school and UPS man drops off a package with The Sims Medieval inside and the entire car ride was a discussion on which type of sim she was going to make and what “monarch” meant. If she’s this pumped I know you guys are, too. Right?

Actually, this sounds really interesting with a lot of new twists on the basic Sims gameplay.

PR ahead…

Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that The Sims Medieval is on store shelves worldwide. The brand new standalone game for the PC/Mac gives players the tools to create heroes, take them on quests, build up their kingdom and tell epic stories. full of drama, romance, and comedy.

“Our community has wanted to be able to place their Sims in a different time period for years and now they can with The Sims Medieval,” said Scott Evans, General Manager of The Sims Studio. “The Sims Medieval is a new standalone game that keeps the core values of The Sims at its heart, but gives fans new gameplay elements to explore and allows them to tell Medieval tales.”

Set in the Middle Ages, players will find themselves faced with new ways to play with life like never before. As they build up their kingdom, players create Hero Sims in a range of professions including knight, bard, wizard, priest, blacksmith and spy. Playing each Hero Sim is different, as players control the Sim’s professional life as well as take on the varied adventures of the quests. Other new gameplay elements include diplomacy with neighboring territories, and of course medieval punishments.

The gameplay is framed by quests– each quest presents a new situation and a fresh opportunity to pick which Hero Sims to control during that adventure. After choosing a quest, players will pick their approach for solving it and choose which Hero Sim will lead the quest. For example, in the quest The Witch is Back, players could choose to have their monarch marry the witch who is visiting the kingdom. If they want to kill the witch, they would choose the wizard, spy or knight. And if they just want to debilitate the witch, they would choose to play a priest, physician, or wizard. With dozens of quests and with multiple approaches for completing them, players will find new ways to tell their favorite medieval legends and make them their own.

Everything in The Sims Medieval is crafted to create an immersive medieval world, from the quest-based gameplay, to the medieval objects such as swords and stocks and thrones, right down to the warm look of the characters and the painterly approach to the world itself. Players can choose to customize every new Hero Sim that comes to the kingdom, including selecting their traits and their fatal flaw. Players get close to their characters, not only sending them on epic quests, but also making sure they carry out their daily responsibilities such as healing the sick, trading for exotic goods, or forging armor.

The Sims Medieval is rated T for Teen by the ESRB. To download artwork, please visit For more information about The Sims Medieval please visit, or the official website at

PureSim Baseball 4 Available Now

Time to show just how sports game geeky I truly am. Text based sports games, in my view, provide more depth and entertainment value than most “hands on” games simply because I enjoy long term franchise gameplay over pressing a button to swing a bat or throw a bomb or take a jumper. There’s simply more strategy involved in playing a really good text based game. Not that I dislike today’s arcade games, I do, but this is right in my wheelhouse. I am a big Out of the Park Baseball player and run a league that has been rolling along for five seasons now — PureSim is OOTP’s direct competition and Wolverine Studious released version 4 today and I can’t wait to take it for a spin.

PR ahead…

Wolverine Studios, a leader in (publisher of) sports simulation PC gaming, is proud to announce the release of PureSim Baseball 4. Developer Shaun Sullivan has taken his critically acclaimed baseball game to new heights this season with (added) over 230 new features and tweaks making PureSim Baseball 4 the most realistic and accurate simulation of both historical and present day baseball on the market today. (better than PureSim 3).

PureSim 4 allows players to replay any season in history right up to and including playing out the 2011 season. No other baseball game can match the statistical accuracy or amazing historical features such as (has) “Tru-Life Transactions Mode” which allows you to play seasons from 1920-2010 with transactions happening exactly as they occurred in that season! (.) And best of all you don’t need to purchase a single season disk – every season is included with the full version of the game and an extensive online and desktop manual makes learning the game a breeze for anyone new to the franchise. (easier than PureSim 3).

PureSim Baseball 4 can be purchased exclusively from for only $29.95 and a full feature list detailing all of the new features and tweaks is available at the official PureSim Baseball 4 webite at

for danielle

The Future of the 3DS Does Not Require 3D

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When you open up your shiny, new 3DS on Sunday you’ll have a bunch of cool features to play with however what you won’t have is a web browser or an online store. Both have been pushed back to May and will be available via a downloadable firmware update. Wired’s Chris Kohler spoke to 3DS producer Hideki Konno at GDC to get a feel for what may be in store for the 3DS and the ideas are interesting. While I can understand why they wouldn’t want to force developers to use 3D due to some folks not being able to see objects in 3D, it seems odd that one of the biggest selling points of the system is optional. As for the lack of a web browser or a software store, I’m personally not all that upset. Yes the ability to pause the game and switch to the browser will increase the utility but traditionally the browsers on Nintendo products have been pretty terrible. Plus, I use my DSi outside of the home a lot and without a WiFi spot, anything requiring an internet connection, be it a browser or a software store or a text chat client is pretty useless. Course that’s just me. You may live in a wonderland of free WiFi, otherwise known as the McDonalds play-land.

Ghost Recon Shadow Wars Gameplay Video

Did you know that Julian Gollop of X-Com fame designed Ghost Recon Shadow Wars? Well he did. With the 3DS launch imminent, the marketing push for the launch games is in full swing as evidenced by this Ghost Recon Shadow Wars trailer. In this video, Julian shows you how you can kill drones and commandos with various guns, missiles and super powers. I can’t say that it shows much you haven’t seen in other turn based strategy games, but with Gollop’s name on it, I have high hopes.