Neuroshima Hex Multiplayer is Live…ish

Be! Excited! B-E excited!  Be! Excited! B-E excited! The long-awaited Neuroshima Hex multiplayer update is now live on IOS, bringing with it the async and simultaneous multiplayer the game should have had all along. Thanks, Big Daddy Creations!

Oh…wait a second. Cheerleaders, pipe down for a second…um…is anybody able to get in to create a game? Looks like Neuroshima Hex took a wrong turn into the bad part of Crash City.

So yeah, it’s apparently live in the same way that Diablo III went live last week. Crackedlcd75, when it’s working. Back to Storm of Souls…

Dungeon Twister to Hit PSN!

Whoa, I didn’t see this coming and it will be a reason for me to use my PS3 for something besides my Netflix box.

While most boardgame ports are hitting iOS devices, this sucker is going the console route, and while I would prefer XBLA, PSN will have to do. Dungeon Twister is a damn good 2-player game of turning rooms, confusing layouts and escaping with loot. I own the Asmodee edition and it’s a perfect 30-45 minute game, which makes it an ideal port to the console or iOS realm.

According top Joystiq this will drop over the summer. I’m in.

The digital boardgame Renaissance continues.

Diablo 3 Accounts Hacked

Well I for one am shocked.

There are multiple reports on forums and in chat rooms and on my Google Chat screen about Diablo 3 users seeing their accounts hacked, their items stolen and money plundered or even their entire accounts hijacked. It’s like the old days when your ICQ account would no longer work. Poof.

Of all of the reports, aside from a few friends of mine falling prey to this, the most damming comes from Eurogamer, complete with chat screenshots.

Ok show of hands — who is ready for the Real Money Auction House! Woo hoo!

I bid a dime.

Jumping the Shark Podcast #124

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Image: Filomena Scalise /

This week on Jumping the Shark, the gang gathers round a fire to talk with Dirk Knemeyer of Conquistador Games about his first professionally published board game, Road to Enlightenment. As has been mentioned several times, Bill and Dirk are good friends and Bill’s been involved in the playtesting of this one for some time now, giving it his big honking seal of approval. After that, it’s all Diablo 3 and our preliminary thoughts on the new systems in play – what works, what doesn’t (like the servers), etc. Joins us once again for the show that never ends – well, at least not for an hour or so.

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One Day Bastion Sale at Gamersgate

If you wanted to give Bastion a spin on the PC but never got around to it, you can get the full game today at Gamersgate for $3.75

Bastion was well received here at ye old blog with both Danielle and Barnes loving it and even Todd had this to say on Google Chat today:

I did like Bastion, yes. Overrated, yes. But goo. good. Cool soundtrack too.

Folks, if that is not worth your $3.75 I do not know what is. This sale is a one day event only, so giddy up.

Calendar Man – Week of 5/21

This week continues on from last week’s RPG-shooter, one-two punch with its own combo of monster hack-and-slashing and bad guy shooting. Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma finally sees the light of day, as does Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. One title I don’t understand, the other one I don’t understand why it has to be so large. Mario Tennis also shows up for the 3DS, we have another summer movie tie-in to ignore and Sony encourages you to play with your wand.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Set for February Release


I’ve heard mixed things about this one based off some press previews. This is a game I want to be good because the setting remains one that I am fascinated with despite the milking of the movie franchise and the way that (almost) every videogame ever made centering on the xenomorphs have turned out.

We’ll now get to find out on February 12th if Gearbox has another Borderlands on its hands or another Duke Nukem. Or maybe another Brothers in Arms…but with Aliens. With all of the delays, one has to wonder…


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So tired. So very, very tired.

Saints Row: The Third Weekend

If you never got in on the fun with Saints Row: The Third, Gamersgate is running a deal this weekend for everything Saints Row related.

You can get Saints Row: The Third itself for $25. They also have a slew of DLC on sale as well. $25 for SR3 is a great deal.

Other sales:

Metro 2033 on PC for $10 at Amazon. This remains a steal, especially on PC. This game is brilliant.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution on PC for $14.99 (cased edition, not a download).

Sid Meier’s Civilization V for $18.

Crysis 2 on PC for 8 bucks.

The Darkness II on PC for $20. Brandon approved.

Have a good weekend everyone. See you in New Tristram. (Sorry Hobbes.)

Kickstart My Heart – 5/18

On Projects That Were Coming Anyway

There’s a bunch of new additions to the Kickstarter entry this week, among them are two projects of particular interest to me: Road to Enlightenment and Xenonauts. The first is a boardgame from a good friend’s of Bill’s (full disclosure and all that) and the other is the pseudo X-COM remake we all knew about before we found out there was going to be an actual X-COM remake. What’s notable to me about these two projects in particular is that both of them were planned and coming before Kickstarter exploded onto the scene. Both have already achieved their Kickstarter funding levels, but even had they failed they were still going to be released.

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