Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge Trailer

A trailer for the upcoming Batman Arkham City DLC, Harley Quinn’s Revenge, is above for your viewing pleasure. I’m skipping this DLC so we’ll wait for Brandon’s verdict in a week or so.

But looking at that trailer, yep, that’s Batman: Arkham City alright.

Download This Demo: Unity of Command

One of the best strategy/wargames of the year, or maybe the past few years, is now available in demo form on both PC and Mac. Unity of Command is a wonderful piece of game design and you really need to give it a whirl.

Remember, even the esteemed Jon Shafer thinks so too.

Don’t be intimidated by that screenshot, this is a streamlined design that is a step up from Panzer General but not super detailed like a chit-based wargame. It’s excellent.

You can buy Unity of Command direct from Gamersgate for $29.99 and is worth every penny.

Resonance Available for Pre-order

I don’t actually know much about Resonance, except that it’s a new point-and-click adventure from xii games and Wadjet Eye Games, publisher of Gemini Rue, and it features voice-work from Logan Cunningham (aka Bastion’s narrator). Oh, and the trailer has a quote from, which means…something, I guess. Still, I’m a sucker for classically-inspired adventure games, and this one is looking mighty tempting.

Resonance is set to release June 19, but you can currently choose from two flavors of pre-orders, including a boxed collector’s edition for $24.99, or the digital-only version for $8.99 through

Want some Far Cry 3 Multiplayer Action?

Far Cry 3 won’t release in North America until September 4, but Ubisoft is holding a multiplayer beta (preview event?) on Xbox 360 and PS3 over the course of two weeks this summer. The multiplayer event will be by invitation only. I wouldn’t exactly call a cross-promotion involving Ubisoft, GameStop, and Facebook an “invitation,” but I am looking forward to Far Cry 3, and I’m guessing that I’m not alone.

So, how do you gain access to this uber-elite VIP club where people drink diamonds from platinum chalices?

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Craving More Guild Wars 2

If you bought into the hype of a wholly re-imagined MMO, Guild Wars 2 will likely spark a tinge of disappointment, but it’s a temporary affliction. MMO-players have certain expectations, and some staples of the genre work just as they are, so trashing all of that ‘just because’ would probably amount to video game suicide.

While most MMO developers focus on giving familiar features a unique spin, ArenaNet is re-examining the core purposes and implementations of those features. It’s a subtle, but very important difference.

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World Conquerors in Review (the NEW Cracked LCD!)

Oh, hi there. Welcome to the NEW Cracked LCD in its NEW home, here at!

That’s right, my weekly board games column is moving here so don’t go looking for it in its old spot. Details are limited right now, but watch the skies. But yeah, Barnes Best, editorials, reviews, trolling, everything is going to be right here from now on and I’ll keep to my Thursday schedule- because I haven’t missed a non-holiday, non-E3 Thursday since 2007.

Without further adieu, read on for my take on Gorilla Games’ World Conquerors.

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One More Time

While the rest of the gaming world is staring at Error 2389742 screens, waiting patiently for Blizzard to switch the servers back on, or- if they’re lucky- Pavolvianly clicking monsters until they dispense money and items, I’ve started on my second playthrough of 2012 Game of the Year The Witcher 2. It’s Roche’s path this time, and I’m playing a “no mercy, bed everything that moves, jerkwad Geralt” game this time around. Last night I punched a peasant for not paying me. Felt so wicked. I’m markedly better at the game than I was the first time through, cutting through foes without struggling with learning the controls and how to leverage the tools at the Witcher’s disposal. Difficulty? Dark.

Let me be clear about something here. I almost never play through story-based games twice. If a game has a specific narrative line and the gameplay isn’t score or skill based, then my time with the game is pretty much done after the credits. Exceptions are rare. Dead Space 2, Arkham Asylum, and Metro 2033 were the three most recent games I played through more than once. And I’m almost always trying to get back to another playthrough of Resident Evil 4 and any of the Metal Gear Solid titles. But those are top-shelf favorites. Eternal and timeless. And it says a lot about The Witcher 2 that I am buckling down for another bajillion hour trek with Geralt not a week after completing it. Continue Reading…

38 Studios — Not Looking Good

This is what it all comes down to.

Governor Chafee of RI:

“How do we avoid throwing good money after bad?”

This is not likely to end well.

Cooking Papa

Given my penchant for writing food related columns, it probably comes as no surprise that I do all of the cooking in our household. My wife can cook, barely, but she really doesn’t enjoy it to the point where she gets stressed out by it. The fact that she finds most meat icky doesn’t help either. She also refuses to cut vegetables with anything but a three inch paring knife, making things like chopping onions a wee bit difficult.

Lately my daughter has been asking to help me cook, a deeply, deeply ironic notion given that she doesn’t eat. Now, when I say she doesn’t eat, I mean that she doesn’t eat. Not that she’s picky or she only eats two or three kinds of foods, but that she doesn’t eat. On Sunday she ate a piece of a bagel about the size of small granola bar, a string cheese and a very small slice of lemon meringue pie, but not the crust or the meringue. See what I mean? Without getting into the whole background of her eating and not eating, let’s just say that her being the only person in the house interested in learning how to cook is hilarious in the same way someone winning the lottery only to get hit by a bus advertising said lottery is hilarious.

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Blizzard Offers Apology; Real Money Auction Delayed

In case you didn’t notice, the Diablo 3 servers are down again today for “maintenance.” So my plan of playing some Diablo 3 this morning before getting into my workday has been shuttered, forcing me to actually read emails, reply to emails, and finish up E3 scheduling (I hate E3 scheduling). How long will the servers be down? Who knows? Blizzard said it was to be from 4:00AM to 7:00AM PDT.

When you buy an MMO you expect this sort of thing as it goes with the territory but it didn’t have to be this way for Diablo 3. In speaking to Todd yesterday he made a great point. I remember because that doesn’t happen every day.

This is less about Diablo. People are going to jump through hoops to play Diablo because it’s Diablo. It’s an “event” game. However, this will most assuredly affect the next new Blizzard IP if the company tries to pull this online nonsense off again with a game that isn’t built specifically for online play. I’ll be your monkey to play Diablo. But not the next game.

Of course I have no idea if Todd really means that, but I’m willing to bet there are going to be people who remember this launch because I’m looking at a $60 piece of software I cannot use until Blizzard says it’s ok to do so. Will all of these hiccups get worked out in the coming weeks? I hope. I think they will. But that’s not really the point though is it?

At least Blizzard has acknowledged this. The company released a statement asking for patience.

…we’d also like to say that we’ve been humbled by your enthusiasm — and we sincerely regret that your crusade to bring down the Lord of Terror was thwarted not by mobs of demons, but by mortal infrastructure. As many of you are aware, technical issues occurring within hours after the game’s launch led to players experiencing error messages and difficulty logging in. These issues cropped up again last night for the Americas and Europe servers. Despite very aggressive projections, our preparations for the launch of the game did not go far enough.

Full statement is below:

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