Dead Space 3 E3 Screenshots

I wasn’t going to post any more screenshots for today, but you know what? Dead Space is awesome, so deal with it.

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Skyrim Dawnguard DLC E3 Screenshots

Dishonored E3 Screenshots

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters E3 Screenshots

Batman: Arkham City Stalks the Wii U

Just got out of a first-hand look at Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition for the Wii U and, as much as I really have no intention of dropping coin on Nintendo’s next console, or re-buying Arkahm City for that matter, I have to admit their usage of the Wii tablet is pretty damn cool. Here’s some highlights of stuff you can’t do on the 360 version…

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It Came from E3: Bandfuse: Legends

For the first shot out of the gate at E3 this year, I met with Rick Silvestri, a 17 year veteran of teaching guitar, and one of the Note Trackers for Bandfuse: Rock Legends, the next contestant in the great, “Let’s do Rock Band, but realistic like,” sweepstakes. Silvestri said the aim with this is to re-expand the rock game genre and make the process of legitimately learning to play an “all inclusive” experience that  can suit prospective players of all types and play styles..

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B3 at E3 2012- Day 1: Nintendo

It’s time to update NHS’ B3 at E3 2012 coverage, what with Nintendo’s stunning press conference now over and the NHS crew probably laid up in their hotel room, still reeling from a night of eating exotic, rich folks food like “six cheese pizza” at CPK and wine coolers by the pool with Snoop Dogg and Tom Chick. Frankly, I’m ashamed that my NHS colleagues have not flooded the internet with E3 coverage. We should have posts every five minutes about stuff like Halo stickers in the bathroom and whatnot. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD TODAY, and NHS has dropped the ball.

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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die on the PC Looks Incredible

(I have no time for screenshots but will add a slew of new ones this evening.)

Yep. I am in. Come August 24th I will ABSOLUTELY do another Dark Souls run on the PC. I sat with the fine folks at From Software and watched as a bulked up hero ran through a new area and fought a boss battle with Knight Artorious…and died. He was vicious. The new areas will even be more difficult than the base game.

The game looks gorgeous on a nice rig and makes the 360 version, visually, look dated. And Dark Souls on the 360 was not a bad looking game.

Some detail: there will be plenty of new weapons, armor, and items. Yes the game uses GWFL but will also be available on Steam.

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B3 at E3 2012- Day Zero

So our intrepid NHS crew is finally in Los Angeles today, a day late and a dollar short.  And we’re lead by Mr. “I don’t do press conferences” Bill Abner. That leaves me to include some E3 coverage as part of the B3 festivities, which are expected to kick into high gear here on day two. I was so busy being interested in interesting things yesterday that I missed most of the E3 press conferences and announcements of reveals of confirmation teaser trailers myself. But in the name of GAMES JOURNALISM, I shall attempt to piece together what went down at “day 0” of E3 for you, our dear readers. Some of this may or may not be true, I dunno. But hey baby, it’s all video games marketing so anything goes anyway. It’s all good. Continue Reading…

Abner at E3 Part I

So it’s a brisk morning here in Los Angeles. We arrived yesterday afternoon, missing the press conferences because we are here to see and play games not watch staged presentations about games. So I have no idea what was discussed yesterday at the press conferences but I am sure it was thrilling stuff.

Just to keep everyone up to speed, today we will be seeing:

Dark Souls PC
XCOM Enemy Unknown

…and whatever else Bethesda, 2K, Namco, Codemasters, Sony Online, Warner Bros., 5th Cell, D3, and Larian are showing. Brandon is also getting a look at Summoner Wars on the iPad as he has a meeting with Playdek. Should be a fun day and we will report back with anything worth discussing as soon as we can.

Also, there WILL be an E3 podcast every night with riotous laughter and making fun of Todd. You won’t want to miss it.