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Diablo III Real-money Auction House Opens

After multiple delays, Diablo III’s real-money auction house has finally arrived, sort of. At present, the service is limited to American regions using US dollars, Australian dollars, and Mexican pesos as official currency. This is the moment that we all laugh and point at Matt and his Britishness.

You can find the instructions for using the real-money auction house at the Diablo III blog.

Mercenary Kings is a Crafty Metal Slug

Tribute Games, creator of Wizorb, is at it again with another reworking of classic game design. I swear, it’s like the developer is stealing my dreams, and judging by this trailer, that’s fine by me. Mercenary Kings combines two of my favorite things; Metal Slug and crafting.

Mercenary Kings is still in the prototyping stage and has to be announced for specific platforms.

Resonance Shall be My New Obsession

resonance adventure game

First Fez, now Resonance – it seems that the theme for 2012′s indie retro-styled games is in taking the aesthetic so many gamers are now tired of (oh, hey, this looks like it’s 8-bit/16-bit! My childhood!), and making it relevant all over again. With Fez, it was the magic of the utterly obscure secret world behind the puzzle-platformer veneer. With Resonance, it looks to be a genuinely interesting, well-written story.

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Gravity Rush Impressions – A Tragedy

I wasn’t planning on picking up Gravity Rush, the first retail game for the PS Vita that isn’t a port, an extension of a franchise, or otherwise forgettable. It’s a game- and brand- designed from the ground up for the floundering  platform. It leverages the handheld’s strengths while presenting a full “console” experience, as was promised by the Vita’s press copy. I tried the demo Monday night, I was at Gamestop Tuesday morning with a pile of trade-ins, and I left with a copy of the game.

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The EA Sports E3 2012 Report

EA Sports puts on great E3 demo presentations. There is a real art to this. While the Dead Space demo was too long and sort of tedious to sit through, the EAS team has this stuff down pat. It is so beneficial when they show you gameplay clips from last year’s game be it FIFA, Madden, NHL, etc. And then follow that up with the new version, showing you precisely why and how it has improved.

This was evident with NHL 13 and FIFA. Seeing the old skating model in NHL and then seeing the changes for 13…it was striking. This is the real focus it seems with NHL and the skating felt great and the inability to turn on a dime this year will fundamentally change how you play both offensively and defensively.

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Of Orcs and Detectives

I don’t inherently hate orcs. I’m not an orcist. Ditto for goblins. If I kill orcs and goblins in a game, it’s because they’re the enemy. I go to the red marks on the map and kill the red marks and nine times out of ten, said red marks are either orcs or goblins. It ain’t personal, it’s just business.

In this spirit of loving my green skinned brethren, I was excited to visit the Focus Home Interactive booth at E3 to get a look at Cyanide’s upcoming action-RPG, Of Orcs and Men. The fact that the upcoming Sherlock Holmes adventure game was also at the same booth certainly helped. I may not hate orcs, but I despise mysteries. Stupid mysteries.

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Civilization V: Gods & Kings Trailer

With the release a week away, 2K has released a new trailer for the Civ V expansion Gods & Kings. This trailer also includes quotes from Ed Beach, who is not only lead designer for Gods & Kings but also designed the wonderfully awesome Here I Stand boardgame, which remains one one the best historical boardgames ever made. Fun fact.

The Axeman Cometh – The Walking Dead Ep 2 at E3

The most disturbing thing about seeing Telltale’s next episode of The Walking Dead wasn’t the gore, or the tension or the fact that it took three swings of an axe to handle a particularly grisly deed. The worst part was the meat.

No, not human flesh, but the smell of smoked turkey legs sitting in two giant warmers on the other side of Telltale’s booth. When you’re walking around E3 and all you’ve had to eat was a Fiber One bar and a bottle of water, the smell of smoked meat is enough to get your stomach growling. Having that smell then associated with zombies and the consumption of human flesh is an extremely uncomfortable association, especially when you then attempt to take said turkey leg and eat it while not thinking of it being someone’s arm. Oh well, a man’s gotta eat.

Warning, Episode One spoilers to follow…

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The World Ends With Vikings – Ten Years of Civ II

Reddit user Lycerius has been playing the same game of Civilization II for ten years. Ten. Years.

In that time, civilizations have risen and fallen, the devastating horror of nuclear weaponry has been unleashed upon the world multiple times and the world has been split into three warring states, all endlessly cranking out military units for fear that turning resources to civil pursuits will put them at a military disadvantage and a bleak, apocalyptic fate. War between the Vikings, the Americans and the Celts has waged for 1700 years. Most cities have been bombed to dust. What population that hasn’t died of radiation poisoning or global warming induced starvation have huddled in various cities, surrounded by irradiated swamplands, the result of the polar ice caps melting 20 times over.

It is a bleak, horrible, utterly fascinating look at what happens when games with no end are left to run endlessly and military might is prized over everything else.

On a totally unrelated note, the Witches and Wieners DLC pack is now out for Saints Row: The Third. Video games!

E3 Summoner Wars Report

I had the pleasure of finally meeting George Rothrock, Playdek Director of Product and Business Development, at E3, and he brought along an iPad running a build of Summoner Wars. Truth be told, the opportunity to meet George face to face would have been enough for me to take time out of my schedule, but an opportunity to see Summoner Wars ahead of its late June release? Come on. I couldn’t pass that up.

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