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Kre-O Combines Terrible Branding and Awesome Toys

No High Scores

Toy Fair was this past weekend which means that Hasbro rolled out a huge pile of plastic crack for toy fans to drool over before they got to quickly tearing it all apart on the internet. One of Hasbro’s newest ventures is a building brick line called Kre-O. What the name means, I have no idea as it sounds like something the Skrull fight. Bad naming aside, the first Kre-O line is a set of Transformers toys which means that my love of Legos and Transformers has finally combined to form an entity so powerful at sucking all of the money out of my wallet that I might as well set up my direct deposit to go right into Hasbro’s bank accounts. I don’t know if the toys will be able to transform once built or if you’ll have to break the robot mode apart to then build the vehicle mode, but whatever the case, I will have them. All of them. Possibly two of each.

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