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Dawn of War II Retribution Cinematic Trailer

YouTube video

As I type this my copy of Retribution is downloading from Steam. I’m likely not going to be able to stay awake tonight so I can play it, so, tomorrow is Retribution Day for Bill! Woo.

This trailer breaks my rule that trailers must show gameplay, but Relic does such a great job with these going back to the first DoW that I think it’s permissible. I still think it’s really hard to beat the first Dawn of War trailer which got so many 40K fans amped to play that game and you can view that old trailer after the jump.

YouTube video

When I first saw this I knew immediately that these guys “got it”.

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Bill Abner

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5 thoughts to “Dawn of War II Retribution Cinematic Trailer”

  1. The intro of the original Dawn of War (which, apparently, was also the trailer) still ranks number 1 in my list of best game intros ever. They definitely “got it”.

  2. I sprung for the Collector’s Edition so I won’t have my copy of Retribution from THQ until Thursday or so, but I’ll be prowling around for multiplayer games after that. DoW2 is easily my most played strategy game in many years. Steam says I’ve put nearly 340-hours into the base game and Chaos Rising combined, and based on my win-loss ratio, that’s proof positive that time and dedication are no substitute for talent.

    Really looking forward to the new campaigns, too! It’s hard to imagine they could expand their focus from one race to six without a major loss in quality, but if anyone can pull it off….

    Any chance No High Scores will have a community gaming event for Retribution?

  3. I thought Retribution was going to carry over the same way that Chaos Rising did so I was a little disappointed my character and awesome gear didn’t carry over.

    The restructuring of the gameplay so that it was more akin to DOW I also threw me for a loop since I had just gotten used to DOWII’s hero based play.

    I think structuring the campaign so it could accommodate 6 races made them cut some corners on the experience (no planet views? very little NPC dialog interaction, very little context into what was going on), but it still felt pretty good to go wreck some Orks in the Space Marine campaign.

  4. I have much to say about this….

    I’ll just say right now that in MY CR campaign the Tech Marine was the traitor and who do I see at the start of the Space Marine campaign all loyal and…alive?


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