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Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer

YouTube video

Now this is more like it. We didn’t post the earlier teaser trailer because teaser trailers suck. As a rule.

However, this one is worth watching. This is an extremely effective trailer…and really is NSFW– just a heads up.

I love the banter as well as the firefight. Very promising.

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Bill Abner

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14 thoughts to “Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better game trailer. Usually I could care less about them, especially when it’s just bullshit like the Dead Island one. But this is awesome- visceral, narrative, and it shows what you actually do in the game. The gameplay footage almost looks too good to be real…and if the sound design is any indication, this is feature film quality work. Blown away- I was already excited by this, now I can’t freaking wait.

  2. As I said man this is really how a trailer should work.

    It also helps when your game is drop dead gorgeous. I can’t get over the sound, the movement animations, pretty much all of that looked great.

  3. I just hope the storyline isn’t all overly serious. I’d like a believable narrative.

    I’ve been instantly put off for ages every time I see a “Modern Warfare” style setting, but the graphics and lighting in this might convince me otherwise.

  4. I’m totally OK with a very realistic story. What I _don’t_ want is Modern Warfare, over-the-top Michael Bay/macho shit. If this comes out swinging with a gritty, realistic, and honest take about its subject, that’s going to be one of the key differences between it being an also-ran modern combat game and something signficant.

  5. They’re using animation tech cribbed from EA’s sports games, so hopefully we won’t see all that weird ragdoll crap.

  6. They have the Bad Company games for the MW type over the top plots. I assume it’ll be ‘epic’ for lack of a better word, but they seem to be taking Battlefield 3 extremely seriously. I’d also love to have a realistic story line where you aren’t some super human killer who saves the world by himself.

    I’ll buy it for the multiplayer though just on name alone. I can’t go back to other FPS games with out building destruction now, they’ve ruined me!

  7. They let themselves down with Bad Company 2 though. All the dialogue lacks the comedy elements of the first. It wasn’t even what I’d refer to as a “Bad Company” sequel. It tried to be all super mach, and lacked any character that the first one had in spades.

    Not a bad game. I just expected better from Dice than makeing a MW clone, in narrative and all.

  8. Man they are really killing it with the new Frostbite engine. My only complaint in this trailer is the censored language, but I assume that’s for the ESRB so they don’t have to hide the video behind an age gate.

    Really great video, looking forward to the next one in a couple of weeks!

  9. The story in BC2 was a tremendous let down. Just the worst kind of lazy action movie story telling. I thought the story in BC1 was lots of fun and actually made me care about the characters.

    I’d be down with, like you say, just a very sober, realistic story set in a believable war zone. Shoot more for Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down than any goofy over the top bullshit.

  10. Wow… completely blown away by this. If the multiplayer looks half as good as this, with the lighting and sound, I’ll be beyond impressed. As if I wasn’t looking forward to this game enough…. good lord.

  11. I much prefer single player gameplay. I goddamn hate relying on other people. I especially hate multiplayer trophies. The less I have to play multiplayer, the better.

    Saying that, I’m enjoying Battlefield Vietnam, but again the trophies are catered to some nutjob who does nothing but snipe flies of a hueys rotor blades all day.

  12. I can understand why folks may have forgotten, but the core Battlefield series doesn’t really have a “single player story-mode campaign” as much as it does a “here’s a map with bots while your internet is down.” campaign.

    So, yeah, you probably don’t have to worry about a story-line at all.

  13. If there isn’t a campaign, I’d pass this like a hot rock.

    “Multiplayer only” is not a setup for an FPS to me. If you’re doing that, make an FPS based MMO. Don’t just give me the multiplayer bit of a full game for the same price as the rest.

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