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Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Trailers

YouTube video

Paradox keeps the news flowing with the release of some new trailers for the latest Mount & Blade game.

Todd’s played M&B more than I have but I have played it enough to know that it’s a damn fine series, and if you are into open world PC rpgs then you really need to grab this. It’s pretty fascinating; it just takes a while to get your feet under you because this is a game that does very little hand holding but once it opens up — pretty damn cool.

In fact, I’m going to publish a Q&A that Todd did with Paradox on this one in the coming days.

There are three trailers and since I don’t want to litter the front page with videos you can view the others after the jump.

Below is the other new gameplay trailer:

YouTube video

And a little 4+minute interview, which, well, hopefully won’t make Todd’s interview obsolete.

“Barbie’s with Battle Axes!”

YouTube video

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