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Battle Slots Combines Orcs and Degenerate Gambling

The upcoming RPG Battle Slots from Phantom EFX and 8 Monkey Labs combines traditional fantasy tropes (orcs, elves, a great evil that wants to do evil stuff) and everyone’s love of Vegas style slot machines. I for one think it’s about time someone blended hacking off a limb with a rusty axe and the desire to pull three lucky 7s.

This tidbit is taken from the website:

Battle Slots is an upcoming quest-based slot game for PC and consoles that takes the player on a journey of exploration, allowing them to choose their own path in order to defeat the evil that has been plaguing the land. Equipped with a magical Slot Machine, it is your task to collect new and more powerful Slot Symbols, Attacks, Spells, and Runes as you level up and master the device.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

And the real kicker? It looks rather neat.

Check it out here:

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Bill Abner

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2 thoughts to “Battle Slots Combines Orcs and Degenerate Gambling”

  1. I didn’t post the PR that came with this but:

    “the folks at Phantom EFX, who have long been creating some of the best slot-based titles in the industry.”

    There are slot based titles in the industry?

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