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Defenders of Ardania Gameplay Trailer

YouTube video

Hey about a little fantasy tower defense to get the blood pumping, eh? Paradox’s upcoming game, Defenders of Ardania, actually looks rather neat. Here’s some additional details from the PR:

Features include:

* A intriguing new take on the massively popular tower defense genre (game): players lead both offensive and defensive operations
* Ardania: the world of Majesty with three playable races and their unique environments
* Defense: 24 different upgradeable towers to erect against the invading enemy
* Attack: 24 varied units with diverse attributes to assemble into an offensive force
* Strong Multiplayer component with a variety of game modes for up to four players
* Interactive environment that affects gameplay
* A wide range of offensive and defensive spells

Look for this one to drop “Q2” of this year.

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