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Dragon Age 2 Hi Res Pack Released

No High Scores

If your copy of Dragon Age 2 is currently downloading and you’re at all concerned about how it will look on your fancy-pants PC, BioWare has rushed to your rescue with a high resolution texture pack. Downloadable now from the Dragon Age 2 patch page, the high resolutions pack will make everything explode in a shower of resolutions, high resolutions. Why these fancy textures aren’t on the game disc is beyond me but they’re not, so grab ’em from the site and prepare to bring your DirectX 11 enabled video card to its knees. Running the high resolution pack requires a video card with 1024 MB of memory, so prepare your hardware accordingly.

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2 thoughts to “Dragon Age 2 Hi Res Pack Released”

  1. I appreciate the heads up. Now, even though I’m at work all day, I can at least download and cut this to disc so it’ll be ready when I want to play.

    It’s interesting Bioware had this optional texture pack up and ready to go, yet as far as I know, there’s no word yet on implementing the auto-attack feature for the console version. 360 and PS3 players who got their copies early have really been upset about that.

  2. This might be the only redeeming thing Bioware is doing for DA:2. This alone means a lot to me (meaning they haven’y completely shunned the PC crowd)

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