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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gets Release Date, Tons of Extra Stuff

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Deus Ex fans rejoice, the time for the human revolution is fast approaching! This assumes you consider waiting for five months “fast”. In celestial time, that’s barely an eye blink!

Square Enix recently released the official North American release date of Deus Ex: Human Revolution as August 23rd. Austrailia gets it two days later on the 25th and the UK gets it on the 26th. I remember the summer of 2000 when Deus Ex, Icewind Dale and Diablo 2 all released on the same day. I was the most excited about Diablo 2 but ended up playing Icewind Dale to death. I started up Deus Ex, died a lot in the beginning and then put it away but eventually got back into it and really enjoyed it. The funny thing is that I don’t remember a lot about the game which makes me wonder if I really liked it as much as I think I did, or my memory is too fuzzy and I’m just filling in the blanks with love that didn’t happen. Maybe those memories have been implanted by a shadowy government agency so that I’ll buy this new one. It could happen!

If you have an extra ten bucks in your wallet when the game drops you can get the Augmented Edition (nice wordplay there Squeenix) which comes with 10,000 in game dollars, a bunch of new weapons with super-serious names like the SERSR Longsword Whisperhead silenced sniper rifle and the M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED). You also get another mission, an art book, a making of DVD complete with motion comic and a coupon for a free arm-blade implantation. That last one is a joke, but I so wish it wasn’t.

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Seen at Kotaku.


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6 thoughts to “Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gets Release Date, Tons of Extra Stuff”

  1. Is it just me or have none of the previews given us a good sense for what kind of FPS this game is? Seems like it’s Bioshocky, but maybe with a splash of ME? However, I also suspect that’s just me projecting the influences I assume an updated Deus Ex would take into account.

    Also, does anyone else think the main guy looks like a porn impresario?

  2. I don’t know about a porn impresario, but the chick in the book looks like Dr. Frank-n-furter.

    Such a sweet transvestite!

  3. …pation for the game. I think.

    lol, that is really disturbing though. I’m just debating whether to get it for PC or one of the consoles and then how much a collectors edition really is worth to me…. I do love the cases and all that, but they’re rarely worth anything once release day hits, but they’re so shiny!!

  4. System Shock was Bioshock in 1994. And having just started playing it a few days ago… it’s funny how little of the design has changed.

    Other than heavy cyberpunk influences and augmentations… the games handle themselves very, very differently. Though I haven’t played the fabled System Shock 2.

    Though honestly… the amount of incestuous relations between Looking Glass, Ion Storm, and Irrational makes that not very surprising. In fact, Warren Spector was the producer on System Shock. Being that he was later the lead designer on Deus Ex, I’ve no doubt that experience informed the other.

    It’s hard to remember just how innovative the branching narrative in Deus Ex was at the time. I don’t recall finishing the game, but the game definitely inspired me in terms of the potential of the medium… I’m worried the high production values detracted from potential narrative flexibility… The one factor I do remember is that Deus Ex really tried to provide multiple solutions to missions, and from the press for Human Revolution, it appears they’ve at least attempted to maintain some of that.

  5. Warren Spector’s Deus Ex post-mortem on Gamasutra

    Erata on the previous post (as for some reason posting this response removed my ability to edit my last one?):

    Warren Specter was Project Director and Producer on Deus Ex.

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