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PlayStation Plus Sends in the Clouds

No High Scores

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, tomorrow is your lucky day as cloud based saving comes to the PS3. Starting tomorrow you’ll be able to save up to 1000 save games, or 150 MB worth of space. Additionally, you can restore said saves once every 24 hours if you’re the kind of person that has some strange desire to play on a new PS3 every day. Be warned though, if your PlayStation Plus subscription lapses, no online save retrieval for you. Instead, they send you your saves, one bloody byte at a time. I seem to remember Sony saying that the cloud will also work with the upcoming NGP and the Xperia play, but rather than just checking your Uncharted 3 progress on the go, I’m not sure how. Cloud based saving will arrive in yet another PS3 update, so make sure you plan ahead lest you spend your gaming time staring at Jimmy O’ProgressBar, everyone’s favorite free time waster.

Seen on the PS3 blog.

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One thought to “PlayStation Plus Sends in the Clouds”

  1. I’m sure the 150 MB limit is just due to it’s infancy, but I’d love to know how they came up with that, cause I’d NEVER fit in all my saves. I’ll just save the ones I’d worry about the most. I lost a Burnout Paradise save where I’d finished all the online challanges and everything, so it’ll be stuff like that I’ll keep.

    I wonder was it a case of “This is the max we’re willing to give” or “this is the average space for 1000 saves (hence the 1000 games limit too). Would just be interesting to hear the design process.

    Either wy, over at the EU blog people are complaining about it already, so I think if anything, it’s been an education in tht you should ignore the loudest whiners, because they just want to whine for the sake of it.

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