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Atari to Remake Warlords

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Atari is bringing back the classic 2600 game this summer on XBLA and PSN.

PR ahead…

Atari announced today that Warlords, a remake of the classic Atari 2600 title, will be making its debut on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation Network in Summer 2011.

Warlords is a one-to-four player, arcade action game in which players will defend their castles from mischievous minions and ferocious fireballs spun from the mouth of a maniacal dragon. In this reinvention of the beloved classic game, players will face the ultimate (a) battle of speed, strategy and survival.

In addition, the game will increasingly challenge players to multitask as they strive to shield the castle walls and simultaneously rally troops to capture control points, collect power-ups and destroy the other warring factions.

Developed by Griptonite Games, Warlords will be available in Summer 2011. For more information, please log onto or

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Bill Abner

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2 thoughts to “Atari to Remake Warlords”

  1. Combat might have been the original deathmatch game, but this was probably my favorite primitive multiplayer game. Man, I remember being really little and playing this with my brothers and sisters with those paddle controllers…until, inevitably, someone turned it too hard and it broke. Which sucked, because there were two per cable.

    This definitely sounds a little more complicated than the old one…

    Wait Griptonite? They do a neat little IOS card game called Dungeon Solitaire…

  2. Warlords is the most memorable, most fun, most bitchin 2600 game ever. They have almot no chance or making a remake that matches the memories of the original. but ill buy it.

    Take that for what its worth but Im at spring training in florida and ripped. thhat is all.

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