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King Arthur Collection Announced

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Paradox today announced the King Arthur Collection. I played the original game — it’s like a Total War game in the time of mythical Britannia. It was also freaking hard. I can’t speak to the expansions and the DLC packs, but if anyone did play these let me know. If the campaign wasn’t so brutal I’d have played it more as I liked the basic design quite a bit.

The King Arthur Collection includes:

King Arthur: The Role-playing Game
The Saxons expansion
The Druids expansion
Knights and Vassals DLC
Legendary Artifacts DLC

Features include:

• Real-time fantasy battles: Engage in battles featuring thousands of soldiers and renowned heroes, such as Sir Lancelot and Merlin.

• Turn-based campaign map: Britannia is represented as a three- dimensional topographic map.

• Create your own legend: The saga of King Arthur, an epic tale about the conquest of Britannia, is told through a story-based campaign.

• Morality Chart: Every decision you make in the game will influence King Arthur’s position on the Morality Chart. These choices unlock special content, allies, heroes, units, and developments.

• RPG elements: Heroes learn skills, spells, and abilities. They can also use magic items or become liege lords, entrusted with the leadership of a province.

The pack is set for a late May release.

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2 thoughts to “King Arthur Collection Announced”

  1. “It was also freaking hard.” Boy I am glad I am not the only one. I was coasting along thinking what an easy game it was, and then bam! the story progresses and new quest lines unlock and all of sudden I was losing the game.
    I stopped after that but always meant to go back. It’s quite a timesink too. Good game, nonetheless.

  2. Heh yeah that’s exactly what happened to me. I ended up with only quests available I had no hope of winning.

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