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Sins of a Solar Empire – Trinity Easter Sale

This one gets my stamp of approval. Sins of a Solar Empire is a really, really good game. Really. It’s a manageable, reasonably paced real time space opera strategy game. Stardock and Ironclad are offering Sins of a Solar Empire – Trinity for $20 via Impulse.

‘This new bundle pack includes the original Sins of a Solar Empire, plus the Entrenchment and Diplomacy expansions.’

Head over to the Impulse store for more details but if you never got around to playing this one — $20. That’s a great deal.

Sins isn’t finished either, as the Rebellion expansion should be out soon (Q4 2011) which offers new factions, ships, victory conditions and more.

Now — there is a catch here. The Rebellion expansion runs $40. If you buy Trinity and then upgrade that’s a bit pricey, whereas if you wait for Rebellion…you’re saving $20. (It’s a standalone expansion) If you want to play Sins NOW — get this Trinity deal. If you have some patience and don’t mind waiting, Rebellion for $40 might be the way to go. Your dough, your call.

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Bill Abner

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One thought to “Sins of a Solar Empire – Trinity Easter Sale”

  1. This game was definitely hella fun.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with really big kick ass mother ships… then they came out with space stations and you no longer felt like your back door was swinging wide open

    Hopefully the new version gives greater incentive to using the diplomacy tactics rather than just space tanker rushing.

    There was a Star Trek user mod which was playable too. The Borg were appropriately ridiculous.

    Sign me up for Rebellion. I’m in.

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