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And Now, Every Fatality in Mortal Kombat

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On the off chance that your Saturday morning doesn’t have enough dismemberment, here is every fatality in Mortal Kombat. Send the kiddies away for this one as they’re pretty dang gruesome, even if they are terribly over the top.

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Bill Abner

Bill has been writing about games for the past 16 years for such outlets as Computer Games Magazine, GameSpy, The Escapist, GameShark, and Crispy Gamer. He will continue to do so until his wife tells him to get a real job.

4 thoughts to “And Now, Every Fatality in Mortal Kombat”

  1. If these guys are the toughest fighters in the world, why are their bodies held together with nothing stronger than silly string? That said, the ones that didn’t rely on lazy dismemberment were pretty cool

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