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Civ V DLC Drops May 3rd

For those of you still playing Civ V, a new DLC pack is set to drop on May 3rd with Vikings and other doo dads.

PR ahead:

2K Games and Firaxis Games are proud to announce that the two latest installments of downloadable content for the award-winning Sid Meier’s Civilization V will be available starting Tuesday, May 3. The Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark – The Vikings and Explorers Map Pack enhance the addictive “just one turn” gameplay experience and are available for $4.99 each or together for $7.49 from select digital distribution partners….

Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark – The Vikings

The Denmark Civilization and Scenario Pack brings you both the Denmark Civilization and the new Scenario, 1066: Year of Viking Destiny, to further enhance your Civilization V experience. Rule the world as Harald Bluetooth, with your powerful Berserker warriors and Ski Infantry.

Scenario Description: In 1066: Year of Viking Destiny, the throne of England is up for grabs. Take the role of one of four leaders and seize control of the British Isles! Special rules for the scenario ensure that the only way to win is by the cunning use of force. Can you complete the Domesday Book and secure legal rule before your rivals? Use unique units for each faction in the scenario to claim the throne and stand the test of time.

Denmark Ruler – Harald Bluetooth:

Harald Bluetooth (920 – 986 AD) was King of Denmark for nearly 30 years. During his reign, he united the earls of Denmark and Norway and defended his people from invasion from Sweden and Germany. Today he is viewed as a just and wise king of Denmark.

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Explorers Map Pack

Ten fantastic single-player maps make up this Civilization V DLC pack designed by Firaxis Games. Five of the maps are based on real-world locations, chosen for their historical interest and gameplay possibilities. The remaining five are scripted map environments. These maps will change from game to game, but will focus on a exciting gameplay theme. From the arid Sandstorm to the lush Amazon, and from the Caribbean to the Bering Strait, these maps will give skillful Civilization V players new lands to conquer.

Civilization V is rated E10+ (everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB and is available now. For more information, please visit

The standalone game is required in order to operate this Add-On Content.

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7 thoughts to “Civ V DLC Drops May 3rd”

  1. That’s fine, I still can’t play their game either. During 19 years of intermittent (and occasionally obsessive) Civ-ing I’ve displayed about as much aptitude for situational learning as the AI has

  2. They improved the AI somewhat with the last patch. It will actually use combined arms now instead of spamming anti-air units, but it still uses basically no strategy for actually employing its units.

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