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Sony PSN Blog Q&As

No High Scores

If you have a PSN account and haven’t gotten your fill of this story already, there are a pair of Q&As up at the US Playstation blog. The first, posted a couple of days ago, mostly answers question about the intrusion itself. You’ll be relieved to know your credit card’s security code was not compromised. Of course, that’s because they never asked for it in the first place. If the moral of the story is, “Any information you didn’t already provide us is safe,” then I guess they’re in good shape. To be fair, there is still no official acknowledgment that credit card information has been taken. So either the Internet-wide Panic button on stolen credit card info needs to be reset or Sony is so deep into cover your ass mode that they’ve lost all sense of perspective and their word has literally no meaning at this point. (I call it a toss-up.)

Q&A: The Second deals with the most important matters. Will trophies earned count when the service is back up? Will Cloud saves be restored? Etc. Oh, and there’s the matter of compensation for users of subscription services like DC Universe Online and just for the general inconvenience of the whole matter. Here are those answers…

Q: What if we have a subscription to PS3 MMOs DC Universe Online or Free Realms? Will we get compensation for that?

A: From Sony Online Entertainment: “We apologize for any inconvenience players may have experienced as a result of the recent service interruption. As a global leader in online gaming, SOE is committed to delivering stable and entertaining games for players of all ages. To thank players for their patience, we will be hosting special events across our game portfolio. We are also working on a “make good” plan for players of the PS3 versions of DC Universe Online and Free Realms. Details will be available soon on the individual game websites and forums.”

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Q: Will there be a goodwill gesture for the time we haven’t been able to utilize PSN/Qriocity?

A: We are currently evaluating ways to show appreciation for your extraordinary patience as we work to get these services back online.

Keep in mind with the first of these that the reply comes not from the PSN group, but SOE, whose hands I’d imagine are just as tied as everyone else’s at the moment. As for the goodwill gesture, can anyone name anything they can possibly do to make up for this fiasco? Yeah, me neither.

Todd Brakke

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5 thoughts to “Sony PSN Blog Q&As”

  1. There was an article on Joystiq where Sony were quoted in saying that the credit card data table was encrypted and that there was no evidence to point out that the information had been taken at all. Heres el linko. If you guys don’t want the link on your site, feel free to delete the post and excomunicate me to the island of a thousand shames.

    Yeah, there have been reports of credit card fraud, but there’s credit card fraud every day. People will just blame it on the PSN for convienience, not willing to think that maybe they did something stupid, like letting restaurant staff take the card “into the back” to scan it when they pay. Even if the thieves only got a million credit numbers, I’d expect reports of fraud from at least half that within the week if it was linked to the PSN.

    As for the “free stuff to make it up”, I can’t think of anything that’d really make it up either. Unsurprisingly, the usual crowd are demanding cross-game chat and auto syncing trophies. Seriously, why don’t people who want those features just buy an XBox? I thought that was the whole point of “choice”.

    Thing is though, even if they gave everyone a thousand dollars, people would still complain just for the sake of complaining. Even then, I’d gamble the vast majority of people who use the PSN either don’t care or just want the PSN back online. The rest will just have to settle with the Mini title we’ll all probably get.

  2. As for “free stuff to make it up,” they could stop charging for every single wallpaper and avatar, cutting down on the number of people forced to give out their credit card info.

    I was willing to let my kids have cool avatars for their accounts, but not interested in giving out a credit card for a 300×300 image at $0.99. I guess the counter-strategy to Live is just to nickel and dime every other action on PSN.

    I’m glad they don’t have my card information so far, but this entire thing suddenly makes me wary of giving it to them, ever. Too bad, because some of the download-only games are pretty decent.

  3. That credit card data table being encrypted info came from the first FAQ that Sony put out.

    I wish I could focus on just one or two things to complain about. My mind is just too overwhelmed by this entire situation.

  4. In that case, I’d recommend either getting a disposable Visa card (Dunno were you live. 3V offer a service in Ireland for it) or getting the PSN pre paid cards. That way, you don’t have to give Sony your psersonal credit card info.

    Although, with the PSN pre paid cards, it’ll probably leave some money lying on the account until something you want comes along.

    Also, if your kids do buy seperate avatars, I’m pretty sure the avatars are locked to each user, so if they have two seperate accounts but want the same avatar twice, you have to pay for it twice. Joy.

    Personaly I don’t see the point in buying an avatar. It’s just a little picture and you hardly ever see it and tons of people have the same one, but there you go.

  5. Something I’d want that would make up for this?

    …Nothing that wouldn’t bankrupt them when multiplied by their user base.

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