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Looking for a 10 Minute Time Killer?

There are moments when you don’t have the time to sit down and play a game for an hour but instead you’re looking for a filler — a 10-15 minute time killer. A lot of tablet and phone games are good for this, even some DS games. Of course you could always just read something.

Or you could play Hoard.

There is a ton of game crammed into this small $10 package available on Steam (and PSN…quiet!) It looks so simple and even plays that way when you fire up games vs the AI but if you can get some friends together for some online gaming I think you’re in for a real treat.

The review is on GameShark and this one is a great buy for 10 bucks. Just make sure you don’t judge it on the single player games because it’s really meant to be played with other people.

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Bill Abner

Bill has been writing about games for the past 16 years for such outlets as Computer Games Magazine, GameSpy, The Escapist, GameShark, and Crispy Gamer. He will continue to do so until his wife tells him to get a real job.

3 thoughts to “Looking for a 10 Minute Time Killer?”

  1. Hoard is my favorite jump in, jump out title. A game you can plunk away at for a few minutes and then move on to other things. And you get to find out what kind of people your friends really are when you play with them (rotten backstabbers, the whole lot). :p

  2. Yeah hoard was clearly made for that type of gameplay. Quick 10 – 20 min bursts of fire and gold, then back to life.

  3. Don’t believe the menu in the game that says you can play this alone versus the AI, it’s a trick. You can only play this multiplayer. ONLY!! Heed my words!

    And thank me later for it.

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