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Section 8: Prejudice Released on PC

YouTube video

I’ll have a review tomorrow for this but if you look at the Twitter feed thingy over there ————->

You will see that I really like this game and it’s an absolute steal for $15. The solo stuff is merely OK but the Conquest Mode and even Swarm are thoroughly entertaining.

Timegate has also announced the pending release of a third mode: Assault. The catch is that Timegate is waiting until there are 10 million registered online kills before releasing this new mode.

I hate that. There’s a website with a “kill counter” ( and right now there’s over 7 million online kills. Assault is a team based control point mode or something. Regardless, really? Couldn’t just give us the new mode at launch?

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Bill Abner

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5 thoughts to “Section 8: Prejudice Released on PC”

  1. I like it too but for some reason it’s not hooking me in like BFBC2 or Killzone 3. There’s something distancing about it, I think it might be that squad coherency and class stratification isn’t as solid. The DCMs are fun, but playing KZ3 in Warzone does the same thing but it’s more focused. What I _love_ about S8 is that everything you do for your team is victory points. So you can heal a dude, the whole team gets points. Fix a turret, the whole team gets points. Run around the edge of the map sniping guys, the whole team gets points. That’s neat. I also like the vehicle and installation purchasing.

    But I dunno, the weapons are probably the most boring I’ve ever seen…I’ve not unlocked a whole lot, so maybe it gets better with the special ammo and such.

    Single player is a joke. I played through the first mission or two and never looked back.

    The drop spawning is cool, but after 100 times…it gets old.

    It’s good though, definitely worth the low price no doubt.

  2. I’m about to give Section 8 the highest praise I can: it’s worth putting up with GFWL.

    I’m not generally a fan of shooters. Also: I never played Tribes. So I dunno- maybe this gameplay has been done to death. Having said that: the action is fun, frenetic, and interesting. It’s a game that’s sort of like basketball: the individual points don’t matter all that much, but the momentum of the match is everything.

    The controls aren’t quite as.. tight? As I’d like them to be: there are times when I pull the trigger and there’s a bit of a lag. Likewise, some of the audio cues are delayed. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as hearing that my shields are down after I’ve been looking at my corpse for a second. That stuff seems easily patchable.

    Now to convince some of my friends to buy it on the PC.

  3. There should be a law that states if a company ever starts a video when hitting the main page of their site, the CEO should be kicked in the nuts for every page view. Every. Time.

    If I wanted to watch a friggin’ video, I would have clicked play myself.

    I’ve played a little bit of the game and I’m liking it so far, but the video thing is a pet peeve of mine.

  4. I have a simple policy that if a website doesn’t present me with the means to find the information I was looking for in a prompt manner then I go elsewhere. I can forgive an auto-playing video if I don’t have to wait for it to start streaming (or worse, play in full) before I get navigation links, or an initial splash screen if it loads quickly and has an obvious exit, but anything else is a definite no – especially unskippable intro videos, lengthy Flash loading screens or anything which won’t give me simple text navigation without allowing it in Noscript.

    Recently I was looking at a couple of egg producers’ sites. All I wanted was to know which animal welfare standards they were accredited with. One of the sites gave me a loading screen which, after about two minutes, was still not at 50%. I gave up. Hell, no, I ragequit. I could have boiled a fucking egg in less time than they wanted to take to tell me about them.

    So I didn’t buy their eggs. That’s the real kick in the nuts for a business.

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