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Calendar Man – Week of 5/9

No High Scores

Welcome to Calendar Man, where I tell you about new releases, gaming deals and whatever else I want to blather on about.

This week has the release of Brink, Splash Damage’s long delayed class based, team multiplayer shooter. I feel bad for those guys, what with the PSN now not coming fully back online until the end of the month. Hopefully online play will be restored at some point before then as the gaming world has a short attention span and in three weeks’ time will anyone on the PS3 who hasn’t been able to play Brink want to? Who knows. On a more cheerier note, Lego brings their plastic-y charm to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which is good as that series has been utterly devoid of charm, or competent movie making in any form really, for quite some time.

New Releases

As I mentioned before, Brink comes out this week and reviews for this one should be interesting. It’s a team based, multiplayer shooter but without the full brunt of the user base on the system can you really review the game? Review sessions have been set up by Bethesda, but it’s not going to compare to the real thing.

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has a new movie coming out this summer, a movie that has nothing to do with the previous ones except that Jack Sparrow and Barbarossa are back, which is good on both fronts as the last two movies sucked and those two guys are awesome. The new movie also has Ian McShane as Blackbeard a casting choice I heartily approve of. I guess it’s too much to ask that he drop some Al Swearengen bon mots, but a man can dream. True to form, the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game comes out on pretty much every platform imaginable. They probably have some Atari 2600 versions kicking around just for fun.


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