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3DS eShop Delayed

No High Scores

If, like me, your 3DS has sat unused while you waited for Nintendo to shower you with eShop goodness and possibly torrid browser lovin’, well, prepare to wait a bit longer. The firmware update that brings both the eShop and the free web browser that was supposed to be out by the end of May has been delayed until June 7th. Man, I’m not sure how I’ll browse the web now. My phone, laptops, iPad, PSP, Wii and PS3 may not be enough! On the bright side, the extra week’s delay will give you enough time to charge the blasted thing. Zing! I’ll be here all week folks.

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One thought to “3DS eShop Delayed”

  1. we at least now have a definitive date. Before it was just an aetheric “sometime in may…”

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