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Next up for Marvel Pinball- Captain America

Hot on the heels of last month’s somewhat disappointing Fantastic Four table, ZEN Studios is already announcing a new Captain America table coming to XBLA’s Pinball FX2 platform and PSN the week after next.

I thought Fantastic Four was good, but I really wished that they had gone with a more fun Jack Kirby retro-style. The gameplay was also too easy, and after the simpler Mars table I was hoping for something more challenging like Rome or Blade. Cap looks very promising though- it’s got a retro World War II style which could be really neat. I’m hoping from some tougher modes and more secrets.

Press follows, if you need to be convinced that this will totally be worth three bucks.

EN Studios today announced Captain America as the next Super Hero to star on his own downloadable Marvel Pinball table from ZEN Studios on Xbox LIVE® Arcade and PlayStation®Network. Joining the Amazing Spider-Man, the Invincible Iron Man, Wolverine,Blade and the Fantastic Four Cap and friends are called upon to battle some of the world’s most dangerous Super Villains.

Set in the classic World War II environment inspired by Ed Brubaker’s Captain America 65th Anniversary Special, the table engages Cap, Bucky and members of the Howling Commandos in a full assault on Baron Zemo’s castle, where Zemo’s Death Ray and canisters of Adhesive X must be neutralized. As the game progresses, Cap will need to free his friends in the Howling Commandos and defeat several low-level missions as he works to confront the Sleeper before taking the Cosmic Cube from the Red Skull in the final battle.

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The Captain America table follows richly detailed designs and offers another action-packed adventure to the critically acclaimed Marvel Pinball tables already available. For the latest Marvel Pinball news and more details on the Captain America table, visit

Captain America will seamlessly integrate into the Pinball FX2 platform on Xbox LIVE® Arcade, and Marvel Pinball platform on PlayStation®Network, with full social feature support. “Fantastic Four” will also feature new Achievements and Trophies, operators menu and rule sheet.

Captain America will be available on June 28, 2011 for PlayStation®Network and June 29, 2011 for Xbox LIVE®Arcade.

Bill Abner

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4 thoughts to “Next up for Marvel Pinball- Captain America”

  1. Oh hell yes! I love me some Pinball FX. I thought the Fantastic Four table was well-design (as all their tables usually are), but I agree it was easier than the others. The wizard mode is probably one of the easiest to actually get to. I made it to the final mission on my first try. Compare that with the Iron Man table, where you have to complete 12(!) modes to get to the wizard mode. Mind you, I don’t mind an easier table to practice on, as I’m not an expert at all. Don’t even get me started about Rome. The ramps on that table can die in a fire. I like the look of this Cap table though!

  2. Rome is freaking tough, man, I hear you about those ramps…but it’s also very rewarding when you do well. I think Blade is actually a harder table though, I feel like I’ve barely cracked the content on that one.

    All of their tables are good…even the lower-tier ones (Rocky and Bullwinkle, Biolab, and the car and skateboard tables from FX1) are still decent. Fantastic Four is good, but it just didn’t grab me like the better ones.

    This one looks fun though, definitely. Check out those Bucky dropout lanes.

    I really wish they’d bring the Tesla and Paranormal tables over from ZEN Pinball.

  3. Wasn’t the rumor that they would be doing this?

    I enjoyed Mars & FF because they gave me a shot :P. I am awful at These tables, though I can hold my own no sweat on the Williams disc, and even shooting the Baxter Building was totally hard for me.

    Still, Cap is a day one. They all are, frankly.

  4. Last I checked on the official Zen Studios forums, they said that they are bringing the Paranormal table to Pinball FX2 this summer some time. I’m looking forward to it. Tesla is one of the four core tables in Zen Pinball, and those four are definitely not coming over, according to their FAQ on the forums. Sony and MS want some kind of exclusive content for their respective platforms, though they are trying to make them as close as possible. The FAQ said that the four core tables for Zen Pinball, as well as the Ninja Gaiden Sigma tribute table (I guess since it was a Sony-exclusive game to begin with) will not be coming to FX2.

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