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Dragon Age 2 DLC and Playable Mass Effect 3 at Comic Con

No High Scores

Planning to hit the San Diego Comic Con? Yeah? You lucky dog, that means you’ll be on-hand when Bioware unveils new DLC for Dragon Age 2. Oh, and you’ll be able to play some Mass Effect 3. (Spoiler: It’ll be like playing Mass Effect 2.) Oh! And you can dress up for their “first annual” costume contest. I’m sure that’ll be a site to see. Here’s the official word from Chris Priestly on the Bioware forums:

BioWare is once again returning to the San Diego Comic Con and this year, we are bringing Mass Effect 3 and a never before seen, Dragon Age II DLC with us. Comic Con begins Thursday July 21 and runs through Sunday July 24 and we will have all sorts of awesome BioWare coolness at our base in the Hilton Gaslamp hotel. This will be the first opportunity for fans to play Mass Effect 3 as well as the next Dragon Age II DLC. In addition, we will be hosting the first annual BioWare Costume Contest on Friday, July 22 for the best BioWare inspired costumes. We’ll be giving away awesome convention swag, opportunities to meet members of the BioWare staff, and we’ll have a special designated area for cos-play character photo opportunities and much more.

Make sure you come and visit us at the Hilton Gaslamp (401 K Street) to experience everything live (remember, you do not need a comic con badge to take part). If you can’t visit us in San Diego, make sure you stay tuned to the BioWare Pulse TV broadcasts where we will be keeping everyone up to date with live broadcasts all day, each day.

Spotted at Joystiq

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Todd Brakke

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3 thoughts to “Dragon Age 2 DLC and Playable Mass Effect 3 at Comic Con”

  1. After being burned by too much Bioware DLC I have a new rule. Im buying game of the year editions of Bioware games- and not buying the day one releases. Im seriously pretty over it- Im an achievement whore and broken achievements and constantly updating achievement lists for DLC I have intention of buying have forced my hand.

    Its really too bad because I love their games but their DLC, outside of Lair of the Shadow Broker have been WEAKSAUCE. Im hoping if I dont pay four bucks a pop I wont feel so strongly about them.

    Mass Effect 3 is going to be the challenge. Can I wait the year to pick it up? Probably not.

  2. Well, I think you kind of summed up why I could care less about DLC…because DLC missions, add-ons, extra storylines, etc. SUCK.

    My opinion is that this stuff gets cut out of retail products for two reasons. One is obviously to monetize the property further with extended purchases beyond point of sale. The other is because this stuff is cut because it’s the weaker material. It’s that whole “director’s cut” thing…just because it’s there doesn’t mean that it’s any good.

    I love Bioware games too, but I have yet to buy a single piece of DLC for any of their titles. I just don’t care. The full story is in the retail games, and I’ve long since traded or sold the games to move on to something else anyway.

  3. Eh, I enjoy dlc. Sometimes it is pretty useless, but I live in hope. But I’m also the type of person to replay rpgs many many times and revisit them quite often, so new content of any kind always seems like a godsend. And the teaser concept art they posted for it a few weeks ago looked cool. Then again I once bought virtual horse armor, which probably lowers my credibility in gaming and in life.

    I am somewhat upset that the me3 demo will be at CC, though. Now I’ll actually have to go. I hate the crowds.

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