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Sandra Day O’Connor, Game Developer

When you think of octogenarian former Supreme Court Justices, surely the least common post-career move is a jump into game development, right? In the case of Sandra Day O’Connor (the first woman to serve on the highest court), that’s actually the case: Kill Screen recently blogged about Newsweek’s coverage of her games portal, which features a number of legitimately fun games about American history, the legal system, and other civics topics.

The platform isn’t brand-new – in fact, I have actually used it (and the awesome “Do I Have a Right” game) in the past to convince my game-biased (in the negative sense) co-workers to buy into the idea that creating games for our own organization could be a cool, workable idea.

It’s awesome to see iCivics get some mainstream love – it’s a very worthy platform, in terms of both its mission (teaching young people about important topics) and the fact that unlike most “educational” games, these are actually fun.

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Danielle Riendeau

What I do for work: spend my days as the ACLU design/code/video ninja, write about games, make (tiny) games, teach digital media at Northeastern University. What I do for fun: all of the above, plus lots of running, fitness fun, filmmaking, outdoor exploration, world travel, sci-fi everything.

2 thoughts to “Sandra Day O’Connor, Game Developer”

  1. Yeah, I just spent an hour with that “Do I Have a Right” game. Totally forgot why I was playing it or how I got there. Now I remember. =D

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