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More Battlefield 3 Details Revealed

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The Battlefield 3 blog has been updated with tons of new info. Here’s a snip:

As mentioned, the four classes available in Battlefield 3 are Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon. All classes include familiar elements, but this time around, we’re tweaking things a bit, bringing something new to our online multiplayer. Our Assault class is still the frontline run and gun class, and considering the havoc and fallen team members someone will see while on the frontlines, the Assault soldier now has medic abilities. That’s right, all the abilities such as medkits and defibrillators typically found on the Medic class are now incorporated into Assault. It makes sense that the class on the frontline will be able to revive fallen team mates, right? Right! Remember, you can play it your way, so if you want to customize your Assault soldier more towards medic abilities or towards serious gunplay, it’s totally up to you.

There’s a mess of new info on the blog going into detail about each of the classes available so mosey over and take a look.

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Bill Abner

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5 thoughts to “More Battlefield 3 Details Revealed”

  1. Huh…I like moving the Medic abilities to Assault, that gives them something class-based to do other than shooting and dropping ammo kits and it could lead to more concentrated, consistent front lines…and I like that Medic traits are broken up between Support and Assault. It was kind of silly in BFBC2 that you had these LMG-blasting field docs.

    The picture is confusing though…I don’t know that the medic cross is a good signifier for Assault, and I’m trying to figure out why Support has a pair of poultry shears.

    Recon should have been pictured stuck way up in a corner, just sitting.

  2. Yay! Another game where Medics can think they are heavy infantry troops and ignore dying teammates crying out to be revived and healed. Seriously when will game designers learn this basic fact of MP? Give the medic abilities to your regular frontline troops and put health packs out for the guys that stay behind the lines. We don’t need a dedicated medic class unless they can do something helpful in a support role (TF2 made medics worthwhile, for example). I’m tired of playing games and slowly dying while calling for help from some asshat who is instead wading hip deep into the enemy forces himself.

  3. Panick, read the post carefully- they’re doing exactly what you’re calling for here! They’re putting the basic Medic skills in the Assault class

    Heavy infantry is pretty clearly Support now, with the LMGs thankfully out of Medic hands.

  4. That’s how it was on battlefield 2142 for the PC. The assault class had the medic kit and it was far more useful and infinitely more fun to play. I hated playing medic in bad company 2 because I hated the lmg’s and the fact they were inaccurate. Now with the ability to blur vision with suppressing fire and a more defined role as support that class should play better, and the ability to revive will be in the hands of someone it makes sense to be have running all over the place.

  5. out. Instead of a bunch of pubbies ignoring the medic class to run off and get chewed up, they can ignore the defib paddles that come with their assault loadout to run off and get chewed up. What I do like is the suppressive fire idea, as I’ve always been driven slightly nuts by the dilemma most heavy machine gun classes pose in games: big gun=awesome intuitively, but counter-intuitively you’re slower and less accurate, without much payoff- if all those bullets I’m spewing that are *just missing* my target (I swear it’s got to be just a matter of centimeters true story) can have an effect that counteracts the general lack of respect suppressing fire gets in an environment where getting shot has no real consequences, then I might be lured back from the pea-shooter classes.

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