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Do You Want a Skyrim Demo?

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Well, tough, ’cause you aren’t getting one.

“No, we won’t be doing a demo,” stated Bethesda producer Craig Lafferty to Gameplanet.

“For a game of this size and complexity it’s really hard to do a demo the represents the game truly. And it would have to be a gigantic demo. So we won’t be doing a demo.”

Do you really need a demo for Skyrim, though? Isn’t this series past people needing to test drive it? Well, on the PC I suppose testing for speed but don’t you guys know what you’re getting here?

Thanks Eurogamer.

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Bill Abner

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5 thoughts to “Do You Want a Skyrim Demo?”

  1. With PC games that’s exactly the reason a demo is a necessity, just as it always has been. When I first played Morrowind I loved it so much that within a couple of weeks I’d built a new PC capable of playing it at a decent level, but I don’t imagine doing the same for Skyrim.

  2. Well, when it is a multi-platform game I pretty much know my PC can run it because if an xbox can run it my PC definitely can too. But I guess if you have an old PC that might not be the case, but then you would probably stick with the console version it that case. I don’t want a demo personally because I like to go into the game fresh when it comes out. I don’t want to start the game thinking “oh yeah this was in the demo”.

  3. You could always, you know, just not play a demo of any game you don’t want to spoil. They’re not forcibly downloaded

  4. I personally think it is a little foolish not to release demos for all games. If nothing else a demo can be a great marketing tool and can get people who might not be interested to take a look at your game. For instance I am not interested in Catherine but I downloaded the demo (haven’t played it yet). I wasn’t interested in Dragon Quest 8 but the demo for it caused me to pre-order it. The Just Cause 2 demo had nearly the same effect on me.

    Sadly a poorly made demo can have the opposite effect though. Final Fantasy 12′s demo was horrible and it completely turned me off on that game but later when I decided to get it from GameFly I ended up loving it. The game was very different from the very limited demo they released.

    If nothing else they could just release a time limited copy of the full game with a different starting point and missing quests and no saving. This is pretty much what Just Cause 2′s demo was like.

  5. The only thing that worries me about Skyrim is engine stability. Oblivion and the Fallouts didn’t exactly do well in that department. That’s why a demo would be nice. Other than that, it’s pretty much bought already.

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