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Stronghold Kingdoms? When Did This Happen?

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Firefly sent out a PR this morning which I’ll get to in a second but I had no idea this game was live. I remember hearing about it but didn’t know it was rolling right along. I have learned so much writing here.

As I said yesterday my MMO ship sailed a while ago but I always liked the old Stronghold games and this might be worth a look. It’s also free to play.

The PR is below and I didn’t strike any of this one either because clearly Firefly has its tongue firmly in its cheek, and I can appreciate that.

Independent PC developer Firefly Studios has just thrust Stronghold Kingdoms, its spondiferous free-to-play MMORTS, out of its Anglo-Germanic comfort zone and into France with the launch of (you guessed it!) its first French world. Thereby bringing untold levels of horror to our friends across the channel. What’s that? You’re not already playing?! Blasphemy! Kingdoms is free-to-play, so you won’t even have to torrent it! Just hit us up at

Kingdoms is the only strategy game ever made (ever) where you start off as the Village Idiot, before rising through the ranks to (you guessed it!) Yoke! But fear not young Padawan, for you can be the King of England if you wish it. You’ll just have to step on a few of your fellow Yokels to get there. Want to hold a banquet? Done. Pillage a village? Sure. Lay siege to your liege? Go for it! The possibilities are endless!

Stronghold Kingdoms has been gathering positive feedback from players since it entered beta in 2010. Buddha, for instance, gave it 9/10, calling it

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“The closest humanity has ever come to enlightenment”.

Believe it or not PC developers still exist, and lucky for you Firefly Studios is one of them! Since its founding in 1066 by Simon Bradbury and Eric Ouellette, of Caeser and Lords of the Realm fame, Firefly has brought eight-ish high profile and commercially successful games to market. We’ve worked on PC, console and MMO titles such as Stronghold Kingdoms, Stronghold Crusader, Space Colony and CivCity: Rome. Visit us online at

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One thought to “Stronghold Kingdoms? When Did This Happen?”

  1. Ooo Stronghold. The battles certainly look like the same mess of sprites like in the old Stronghold games. Gonna download it and check it out whenever I have the time.

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