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AEG signs with Incinerator Studios for IOS Apps

Why, it was just the other day that I was writing about AEG’s fine deckbuilding games, wasn’t it? Some good news from Todd Rowland, AEG’s press man, came through the wire yesterday. AEG has signed a deal with Incinerator Studios, the folks behind the great Ascension app and the upcoming Summoner Wars one, to develop IOS implementations of its games. First up is the vampires versus werewolves title Nightfall, which is becoming my favorite deckbuilding game of the lost. Ascension (and Battle of Gundabad for that matter) have proven that these kinds of games translate well to touchscreen play, so prospects are good. No word on release, but I’d anticipate an early 2012 download. Here’s hoping we’ll see Thunderstone and maybe even Legend of the Five Rings on the App Store.

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Bill Abner

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