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This is an Actual Press Release

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I’m just going to post this one verbatim. I want to show you an example of some of the stuff that flies into my Inbox on a daily basis.

Not sure how I got on this mailing list…

Tap that Ass on Android.

Tapass, a ‘Simon-Says’ inspired memory game with a cheeky twist, has gained millions of game plays as a Flash and iPhone game since being released in 2009 by MBXGames.

Now, for only $1.00(USD) Android owners can download this cheeky fun game via the Android Marketplace. Tapass features video footage of four glamor models shaking their asses. Your task is to watch and remember the order and then tap out the same sequence. There are 52 full-screen glamor model images to collect.

I’m not going to post the links they provide as if you want to partake in the tapping of Android asses you can find your own way.

Yes, for those scoring at home, the game is literally called Tapass.

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Bill Abner

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