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Batman: Arkham City Mr. Freeze Trailer

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Mr. Freeze has always been one of my favorite Batman villains in the various animated incarnations. His tragic backstory in Batman: The Animated Series went a long way towards distinguishing that show from the normal after school fare. I can remember watching the show for the first time, a Mr. Freeze episode no less, with Linda on my in-laws’ sun porch right before college started back up. When The Batman released, one of the first episodes was a Mr. Freeze episode and the switch from a scientist looking for a cure for his wife to a diamond thief turned into a frozen super-criminal as a result of being chased by Batman was an awesome twist.

That being said, I’m intrigued by the rocksteady version which appears to be a combination of cyborg and the old school Mr. Freeze. It will be interesting to see how his freeze ray changes the environment and how Batman can interact with it. Normally I’d be concerned with so many villains in one property but it worked with Arkham Asylum, so I don’t see why it won’t work now.

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Bill Abner

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4 thoughts to “Batman: Arkham City Mr. Freeze Trailer”

  1. Heh. Nice one.

    Another anticipated release for me as well. I enjoyed the hell out of the first one even if it just got plain creepy by the end.

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