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Bloodsuckers in Review

Between kidney stones and getting set to have a baby next week, I’ve been in short supply lately. But I have never missed a Cracked LCD, nor will I ever. This is my solemn vow to Bill Abner. I think he would be shocked if I somehow didn’t produce one week. Yes, there will be a column as usual next week along with review of both Toy Soldiers: Cold War (fun) and El Shaddai (painful). When we had our first, I was playing a game for review in the hospital and had an article on the editor’s desk on time. It’s how I roll.

Anyway, this week’s Cracked LCD is a review of Bloodsuckers, a 2-4 player vampire hunting-themed card battler. It’s not bad at all, but I do think it’s more appropriate for younger gamers or folks who don’t have a shelf of a hundred or so other games with which it will be competing for attention. There’s a couple of nice ideas in it, but overall it feels a little workmanlike. I like the company that published it a lot though, it’s Fireside Games. They did what I consider to be the first attempt at a tower defense board game, Castle Panic, back in ’09. Cute little game.

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Bill Abner

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