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Crimson Alliance Moonshade Trailer

YouTube video

I am not important enough to get a chainsword (I’ve been informed that chainsaw sword is wrong. My apologies to all of the Space Marines out there. Now go back to ripping off StarCraft.) in the mail, nor has either of my dogs ever won anything but some sort of longevity lottery that has enabled them to live longer than God or nature intended. I do however have the final class trailer for Crimson Alliance. This is for Moonshade, the sexy, snarky assassin. Woo, sexy.

As for who would want that chainsword in their home, I would. My life sized Lancer replica is proudly displayed in my basement, gore and all. Helps keep the kids in line too. Course I also have an Ultimate Lego Batmobile in my bedroom so maybe I’m not the best person to consult on interior design.

BTW,I know that Warhammer predates StarCraft. I’m just having some fun at Bill’s expense.

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Bill Abner

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