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Buy a Great Board Game for a Stupid $15

Holy crap, what a sale. Grindhouse Games’ Incursion was one of the better games of last year, and really one of the better “Dudes in a Hall” game out there in the Space Hulk vein. It’s got great art, wicked Nazi werewolves, and crisp gameplay without a lot of folderol of fake flavor text-derived theme. It’s actually a miniatures game, but the box set includes all the cardboard stand-ups that you need to play the game. You can buy the minis separately, and they are really nice looking figures. There’s also an expansion available, so it’s well supported and well-regarded. Here’s my Gameshark review from a million years ago.

Until September 16, you can buy the Incursion boxed game for what Jim Bailey and the boys are calling a “stupid” $15. That is completely stupid, because it’s normally $50. You can get to gettin’ right here.

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Bill Abner

Bill has been writing about games for the past 16 years for such outlets as Computer Games Magazine, GameSpy, The Escapist, GameShark, and Crispy Gamer. He will continue to do so until his wife tells him to get a real job.

22 thoughts to “Buy a Great Board Game for a Stupid $15”

  1. I was all set to grab this but after I sign into paypal to pay the 15 bucks, it kicks me back to the site and tells me that the total is $27… 15 for the game, 12 for shipping. This is, of course, still less than the normal price, but 12 bucks is a bit on the outrageous side for a 3 pound package shipped within the continental US.

    It wouldn’t be so bad, but they aren’t even up front about it – you don’t see this until AFTER you’ve gone through the paypal process, which shows you paying 15. This appears on the order completion page; I only barely caught it before confirming my order.

    This has gone from a sure purchase to me feeling quite conflicted. I’d rather they say it’s on sale for 25 or 30 straight up than pull something like this.

  2. I ship board games all the time, and I’ll tell you that $12 for a bookcase-style game is just about the minimum. It’s the size as much as the weight. Odds are they’re doing flat rate boxes for $11 and some change, I really don’t think they’re sticking it to you here. $27 shipped for this game is still over 50% savings off it’s normal, shipped price.

  3. I ship board games all the time, and I’ll tell you that $12 for a bookcase-style game is just about the minimum. It’s the size as much as the weight. Odds are they’re doing flat rate boxes for $11 and some change, I really don’t think they’re sticking it to you here. $27 shipped for this game is still over 50% savings off it’s normal, shipped price.

  4. That may well be the case, but it still seems like something that should be made known to the buyer before the absolute final button click of the checkout process. Like I said, I’ve gone from sure purchase to on the fence. I’ll mull it over a bit. The game still looks quite interesting.

  5. I would really appreciate if you guys would stop spending my money for me….I don’t like the government doing it, let alone nerds handling my cash.

    I bought Omen based on your expansion article a month ago…..

  6. i actually just created an account so i could post on this news article. i was instantly gonna make this purchase till i found the $12 shipping and handling. this is completely outrageous and disappointing, the shipping itself not the price for the board game which seems like a great deal. this went from a purchase right now via paypal to not purchasing at all. i have bought computer cases online that weigh twice to even three times as much as this, at a fraction of the shipping fee.

  7. Like I said below, this is about as low a price as a board game will ship. There is no ripoff here, and there’s nothing outrageous about $12 shipping. Come on, seriously? I defy you to find one online board game retailer that ships for less than $10-$15, barring free shipping for $100+ orders.

    Grindhouse is a tiny company that doesn’t do NEARLY the volume of any company selling computer cases. Companies that do big volume get big discounts and can charge less for shipping. When you buy this game direct from Grindhouse, it may very well be the designer of the game boxing it up and driving it to the post office to mail it to you.

    I’m sorry, but there is a distinct lack of perspective here if you think this is outrageous or disappointing. Even if Grindhouse shipped for free $27 would be just under 50 percent off.

    I’m thinking you don’t buy board games online very often.

  8. I ordered 3 copies of this game for myself and friends today when it was posted at BGG. However you’re either misinformed or order from the wrong places if you think you can’t find shipping under $12. I order from Boards and Bits all the time and I usually pay $7 per shipment of an order and because I live in Illinois I get the product the day after it ships. In fact if my order is over $100 I pay about $2 for shipping.

    Out of curious I just looked at all the orders I placed in the last year and not one was over $7 no matter how many or how heavy the products. 3 copies of this game cost $17 for shipping which is high in my opinion but I’ll pay it for $15 a copy.

  9. Coolstuff is usually around $11 to ship to me a state over, they do fre at $100. Also, when I sell or trade games, it’s rare to get much below $12, and that’s without accomodating for any packaging costs. I’m hardly misinformed, but we may be using different sources.

    Either way, I’m sure Grindhouse is shipping these priority mail, likely flat rate. And either way, I seriously doubt they’re “ripping off” people. And either way, they’re still a much smaller outfit than Boards and Bots and probably don’t have the kinds of UPS/FedEx terms the online retailers do.

  10. $12 to ship a boardgame is hardly a ripoff.

    I order from B&B as well, $12 isn’t highway robbery. Shipping from Boards & Bits is $9.00

    Cool Stuff is $12

    Thought Hammer is $9.00

    The idea of getting Incursion for $27 shipped — is a great, great deal regardless of the few extra bucks for flat rate shipping. Grindhouse is very likely paying every ounce of shipping costs for that game. I mail boardgames out all the time. $12 is about right.

  11. Having never played Space Hulk and seeing that getting a copy is near impossible (limited run, Really? WTF?) I went ahead and grabbed this.

    The shipping price is a bit high (I’m sorry but I’ve been spoiled by Amazon free shipping for things over $25. DAMN YOU CAPITALISM!) but its still less then $30 for a pretty large and packed board game. I read on BGG that Graindhouse is looking into making shipping cheaper but no promises.

    For our friends across the pond, you can get it with cheaper shipping from

    I saw that the expansion was out and I was tempted to pick it up, but passed since I’d like to try the game out first. Maybe I can pick up the expansion on the next sale or if they offer a double feature if they drop a second expansion.

  12. Complaining over $12 shipping. $12 sounds amazing. Being an Australian my choices are often wait an extra 1-4 months to buy locally with (slightly to double) increased prices or ship from America with shipping from $30-60 for an individual game.

    On topic, reading up on the game, it sounds really neat. Unfortunately just not enough to knock Quarriors and Dread (rpg) of my next-to-buy list.

  13. Where did I say it was a ripoff? I said it is a little high in my opinion. Mike said it was hard to find find shipping under $12 I was just responding to that because unless I am ordering direct from a publisher or small company I never pay over $10.

    Like I said I ordered 3 copies of the game for $15 I figured I could give two away to friends or give them away on the site. It’s a nor brainer at that price as far as I am concerned.

  14. Not saying you did, Dan- a couple of other posters intimated that with strong terms like “outrageous”. I stand corrected on the “no shipping under $12 ever” statement, but like you said here- this is direct from publisher, which accounts for the higher rate.

  15. No worries

    I was actually trying to respond to Bill but somehow my reply got put on an island

    I’ve spent more money on far worse games which I won’t mention here and the less on great games. To me a game with a Tanhauser theme but much better rules that feels like Space Hulk is a steal at this price.

    Now the mini’s they look great but I’m a simple mini guys I prefer them to be in one piece not having to assemble them, looking at you Dwarf Kings Hold, so I’m holding off on them for now. However I know myself and card board stand ups won’t due if I really like this game.

  16. I was the first to comment on the shipping, and honestly, it does seem like a good deal even so – I think I’m gonna order two copies tonight. My issue was entirely with the fact that the shipping cost was never stated, even when you went through Paypal checkout. There is no shipping cost mentioned anywhere on the site until the last step of the ordering process, at which point your order cost nearly doubles without any warning whatsoever. It’s bad site design and it really rubbed me the wrong way initially, coming off as an almost bait-and-switch scenario. I realize now that that was not the intent, and that this is a small publisher doing the best they can, but it left a very sour taste in my mouth at the time, and I don’t think that one can really make an excuse and say that at the very least this is just a bit of sloppy design in the ordering process, and that a bit more communication on the matter would be nice.

    To put things a different way, if it had said “Super sale, $30 down from $50, and free shipping!” I would have gone right through the order process without thinking twice. It was when my order cost which was displayed on Paypal as $15 suddenly jumped to $27 a single click away from finalizing my purchase that I just sort of freaked out a bit. I’m sure others feel the same way.

  17. Ah…I see, Spork. Unexpected sticker shock. They should put the shipping cost in a more prominent place and before you’re in process to pay, I agree.

  18. Oh, those Dwarf King’s Hold figures. My friend Frank has it and they look great. But I’m like you…I’ll gladly admire them from afar and without glue and paint all over my hands.

  19. Sorry for the strong language, but I had just resolved to stop buying games, both computer & boardgames, and then you post this. So before I even thought about it, the order was placed and once again my credit card took a hit. I’m just going to have to stop reading NHS if you insist on tempting me like this!

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